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  1. My basement is around that RH for much of the winter here. Never have any issues. Just discharge myself before touching primer tubes or loading them in the press.
  2. Mine chronos BBI fine. I have no issues with handgun rounds. Not sure why other people complain about issues. Mine has never missed reading a round and results are consistent with match chronos.
  3. Try a .401 bullet and see if it's better.
  4. Back off your over travel screw and try it. I'm left handed and don't have any issue. I don't think it's a left vs. right thing. Is it a plastic grip?
  5. Never used the Hornady but set up the MBF die in 5 seconds.
  6. I had some of that in my last batch. Plus incomplete castings, flat noses (on round nose bulets) and what I think are a few 9mm bullets in my 40s. I switched to different bullets.
  7. My sleep number is a 5 if you change your mind. I'm shooting Sunday so I better bring my rain gear. But seriously. Thanks for the carpet instead of gravel. Much appreciated.
  8. Nitride is applied around 1000 deg F per the H&M website. DLC is more like 400 per the ionbond site. Worth considering.
  9. And eventually blow up your gun from setback because crimp isn't going to be sufficient in one round eventually and one is all it takes.
  10. You can buy me a glass of bourbon if we ever shoot a match together Glad you got it figured out.
  11. I know a .40 s&w chamber is supposed to be .424" (i think, something like that), but I would try tightening your crimp on a couple of rounds and see what that does. I think my crimp measures .421" if I remember right and think most people are generally in that area.
  12. For the stage where you have to go prone, do you plan to have something on the ground other than dirt? Maybe a nice fluffy mattress?
  13. What does the case mouth measure at the crimp?
  14. DLC by Ionbond.
  15. Take the ones that fail the gauge and put them in backwards. If they pass you know it's the bullet and not the brass that stop the case from gauging. I find that the inconsistent coating on all of the coated bullets hang up in the gauges. I solved it by using the XL gauge from the hundo which has a bigger through hole where the bullet passes through. If they don't fit the gauge when you put them in backwards and it's the brass that makes them fail I would run them through a bulge buster. With 3% failure I wouldn't buy a bulge buster if you don't already have one. I would just put that 3% in the practice bin.