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  1. I load 4gr of wst. 3.9 makes major in my gun but cuts it close. I load 1.18 oal and am loading acme hitek coated 200gr RN.
  2. Thank you! There is a Holiday Inn right where 270 and 55 cross. $100 a night and looks to be a clean place. Perfect.
  3. I'm heading down to Kansas to visit family then to St. Louis for a few days of vacation this summer and am looking for hotel recommendations that are in a nice and safe area. I don't need a 5 star hotel, it's just a bed and shower. I have looked near the St. Louis airport figuring hotels would be in a safe area. Hotels are around $200 a night, not too bad. Also found the River City Casino hotel for $160 a night. No clue if that is a decent area. I might be interested in staying in the suburbs to save some cash on the hotel but I don't want to end up in an area I will get mugged or have to run over protesters. Found some hotels in Festus right on I-55 and over in Waterloo. Are those areas OK or should I avoid them? Any input would be appreciated. Also, any advice on things to see and do would be great. Already planning to see the brewery and City Museum.
  4. Chrono for my edge with BBI 180s
  5. Moly resin comes in matte clear. No clue if applying it over hydro dip would work or not.
  6. I don't reload lead shot and don't know much about it but I use a felt spacer in my waterfowl loads. I use a 20ga spacer which fits inside of the wad on my 12ga loads.
  7. Yeah, find a published load that uses the primer you want to use.
  8. No that should be fine. Just that substituting primers can increase pressures.
  9. Another vote for this. Pick a load and use what the recipe says or you could be very sorry.
  10. A lot of duck hunters say eezeox or however you spell it keeps rust off stuff without leaving a residue. Never used it but might be worth looking into for your dies.
  11. Yes, if you have Dx1 set to 10 feet. Found the manual and posted after the one you quoted.
  12. I just found the user manual online. PF is always calculated at Dx1.
  13. Yes, I have mine set to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet but it will only calculate average, PF and KE at the muzzle. You have to calculate it yourself if you use the 10ft distance. At least I haven't figured out how to make it calculate all that stuff at 10 ft. 128 was your 10 shot average but at a match they only chrono 3. Plus your powder might be hotter or colder at a match. You're going to sub minor eventually.
  14. I use 10ft too. Sucks that you can't set the labradar to calculate for you at 10ft instead of the muzzle. Also 128 is cutting it too close of you ask me.