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  1. Hello, Vince, I am trying, I dont know how to remove the center pin of the cylinder as it needs a special tool. Right now, i just loosen a bit the threaded pin between the frame and the cylinder assembly. I will try it on Monday and if it will not work, it is what it is.
  2. Hi Vincerama, 1. Loaded rounds AOL is 1.120"; not poke out far forward; primers are seated as per standard 2. With dummy rounds, i can dry fire them no problem I can even dry fire using the spent cases in moon clips. This morning, I went to the range and after firing the first round, it was locked up for both DA & SA. Im somewhat very dissapointed. When I got home, i check it again and I found the following: 1. I think, loaded the cylinder with a rounds in a moon clip, it somehow pushing the cylinder a bit forward causing the center pin to move forward a bit causing the lock-up. 2. Pushng the cylinder a bit towards the back, the center pin move furthet a bit inside removing the lock-up I dismantled the cylinder and i loosen a bit the threaded pin of the cylinder to the frame. I put it all back and I found that now, the cylinder has no play at all towards the back end of the barrel. I punt spent cases in the moon clips and all okay. I will test it again this Monday.
  3. Europe, where CZs are made
  4. Good day to everyone. Once again spring and summer are coming fast and we are in the process of preparation for a lot of shooting competitions and range fun. I bought a Alfa Proj 9mm revolver from a friend and shoot it this morning in my local shooting range. By the way, after i received the revolver, I did the complete rev/pistol spa and the result was amazing. I clean the revolver from inside out, tightened all screws and put a small amount of blue loctite except for the cylinder screw to the frame. I did some dry fire with 9mm snap caps on moon clips for 2 weeks. To continue, This morning in the range, I was very excited to test and to zero the revolver for possible practice going to future revolver competitions. 1. Put a fresh target. Load the revolver with 6 rounds in moon clip 2. Aim 3. Tried first the single action, "BANG" 4. POA was dead center, POI was 12 oclock 5. Tried to press again the trigger and it wasn't pulling back; tried to cock the hammer and it was just moved half way 6. Release out the cylinder, put it back again and will only fire when I cock the hammer in single action only. I cannot press the trigger for Double Action. In my dissapointment, maybe after 30 rounds of single action and zeroing to dead center in 10 yards, I packed up and went home. I google my problem and found the following possible solutions: 1. I disassemble the cylinder, and take a look at the cylinder release button too 2. Checked and tightened the cylinder screw to the frame (loose when i take a look at it) 3. Get my spent cases in moon clips and tried to dry fire using on both double and single action 4. No locking up Planning to go back tomorrow in the range to test it again. Please share your experience with locking up of hammer and trigger in a revolver, especially in ALFA PROJ 9mm revolver model 9251C. Thank you and be safe in shooting.
  5. I got a pws pcc 9mm in 9.5” barrel. I got it zeroed but not yet proven in actual competition.
  6. Friends, I am about to buy the PWS PCC Carbine in 9.5" barrel. Do you think guys that this is enough for PCC competition? it uses glock mags and can be found on pws website. No available 16" barrel in here (Canada). Thanks.
  7. Friends, I am not sure if this question of mine is already discussed but anyway i would like to ask your experience and opinion. I started reloading for 9mm pistol: 1. 147g Campro with 133pf TG 2. AOL of 1.12” Before i am using the 13lbs recoil and 13lbs hammer spring for both cz shadow 1&2. It evolved to 11lbs and 13 hammer spring and NOW 8lbs recoil and 13 lbs hammer spring. Sometimes i experienced slow motion of the slide when going back to battery. My questions: 1. Will it wear down my pistols? 2. Is this a good mix? Any comments or recommendations?
  8. I tested the chiappa m4-22lr pro series gen II. It was awesome. I ran 500 rds of mixed 22 ammos. The only issue was the screw of the bolt holding the mainspring went missing and when i took the bolt for cleaning, the bolt separated into 3 pcs. I already called chiappa c/o Tim and the guy is very helpful. I will not think twice to get another chiappa upper for my kids if all the representative for warranty is like Tim Rogers of Murray Charlton Enterprises - Chiappa Firearms. Thank you for the great support and hassle free conversation. The parts are on its way. The 22 upper group to 0.75" to 1.2" in 25 yards using Bushnell TRS 25 red dot and magpul BUIS. The mags works perfect. One just hickup from win 235 box, FTE. The upper loves CCI 22lr HV. FYI
  9. Friends, Happy 2018 to all!! I would like to re-open the discussion in regards to the best .22LR upper. I have a chiappa 22LR M4 Gen II Pro Series upper. I actually just purchased it last December during boxing week. Right now, I upgrade the handguard with aluminum, put a Bushnell TRS 25 on top of UTG 0.83" mount. I am not yet able to test it. My lower are windham and norc. I would like to ask for your opinion and whether the cmmg 25 rds 22LR mags is fit with this upper. Thanks
  10. Hi, what do you think the best 9mm minor powder that is least to be affected by weather or temp. Here in GTA Canada, weather is fluctuating even in summer
  11. Guys, just to ask again....Is weather or room temperature affects the outcome of chrono? PF?
  12. I will use your std of 12 fps. I didn't know about this. Next chrono i will observe and record all. Thnks
  13. I will use your std of 12 fps. I didn't know about this. Next chrono i will observe and record all. Thnks
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