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  1. Hello AHI, I think you are right, my barrel is 10.5" with 1/7 twist, according to forums, this twist rate like a heavy ammo. I was using the 55g 223 rem and 5.56. I will try to buy and use the 62g and lets see. But when I changed the bolt to cmmg bravo 22LR conversion, the point of aim is equal to point of impact. With this, I zeroed my red dot to 22LR conversion kit, and barely zero the 223 rem/5.56 to 25y (1.5 to 2" group) using the BUIS. Temporary only.
  2. Now, I have a new complete upper 10.5" with 1/7 twist rate and MPI tested bolt. I shoot it yesterday and the following are the results: 1. I warmed up the barrel by shooting 5 rounds. 2. Cleaned the barrel 3. Then went for zeroing: 3.1 First shot is dead on (after trying to zero the upper) 3.2 the second and succeeding shot is lower left 3.3 Tried to cool down the barrel and shoot again, the result is the same What is seems to be the problem now?
  3. Yes, I am shooting factory load as mentioned. Still planning for reloading of 223 rem using dillon.
  4. Hello, 1. The second round was damaged because it followed the first one that didn’t ejected 2. I dont know if it was bent or just move backward as i cannot open or disassemble the bcg due to the cam pin is stucked. Suspecting that the extractor pin is broke or damaged 3. My friend and I bought the same 10.5” upper and used same ammo. My friend’s spent case were thrown 3 o’clock 6 to 7 ft, mine is 2 to 3 ft in 1-2 o’clock 5. The back-up bcg came from a DDM4 14.5” To answer the last questions here are some pics. We were using factory ammo 55g FMJ american eagle or federal (on sale in a plastic bag of 1000pcs) and some 5.56x45 62g
  5. Hello Friends, Orbit again for another inquiries: I bought a new 10.5" 5.56x45 complete upper and i tested it in our local firing range. The results are as follows: 1. First shot didn't ejected and damaged the next round 2. Found the extractor in the BCG move backward and I cannot check it due to the fact that the cam pin is stucked until now. 3. Doing manual loading and unloading of factory ammo, the manual ejection have some resistance. 4. I've used another BCG, the rifle fired and the brass ejected but the said empty cases just fell 2 to 3 ft in 1 to 2 o'clock position 5. Using the same BCG to other rifle, the spent cases were thrown 6 to 7 feet away in 3 o'clock position I am thinking that the alternative BCG was getting a hard time pulling the spent case from the above anomaly in item 4. Seeing the pic as attached, I am thinking that their is a burr inside the chamber near the neck and tip causing a deep small dent, creating a resistence in pulling out spent cases. Please let me know your thought
  6. Looking forward to get one from our local gunstores in here. I am just waiting for the Lantac USA response about the batch that affetcs the wrong threading of the unit. It was a bit bent/lean to the right causing the ammo to touch the inner wall. What is the length of your barrel and PCC set-up if you don't mind?
  7. Yes, right now I am using the AR10 carbine buffer spring. This Thursday, I will try to use the original buffer spring of PWS and the AR15 buffer spring in partner to my Blitzkreig Hydraulic HD buffer.
  8. Hello rpm8300, Yes, still looking for the great and useful comp for my PWS. I took off the Lantac Dragon 9mm comp due to its muzzle thread (not straight), and by having this forum, I learned that muzzle brake is almost useless so I put back the PWS Recoil Mitigator. Running the set-up yesterday, you are right; I tested the 124g 9mm Blazer and it was easy to control and put back the dot to its intended target. Not to mention that the PF of that is 148 thru my 9.5" barrel. I am happy with the set=-up now and able to have a better confidence for this Saturday PCC. Will not stop until I get what I am wanting.
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