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  1. No magwells in CO unless something changed when I was not paying attention.
  2. My sti edge barrel is ion bond coated black. Held up for 2 years so far.
  3. Last year I chronod ammo loaded with WST taken from my basement at about 60-65 degrees. Then I chronod identical ammo that I put in the sun in a closed jar for a while. It was pretty hot to the touch and I had left it in the sun long enough to make sure the powder was hot. I saw no noticable difference in velocity. It could have been a couple FPS lower but was so close to the cooler rounds that i couldn't tell any meaningful difference.
  4. I load 200gr blue bullet with 4.1gr WST. 1.180 oal. Makes like 172 pf. I use cci primers but I don't think that matters much.
  5. Damnit. Why Didn't I think of mounting it off the ceiling instead of the bench.
  6. They keep saying an app is coming for bluetooth. I asked them about it (again) and they replied with this in February... Thank you for checking back in with us, we are still coming out with an App for Iphone and Android, they are finishing up the Android version now and will hopefully be released any week now, but the iphone will be released soon after, but do not have a firm timeframe since they took much longer than planned for the android version.
  7. I had that and just cut the stem off the sizing die.
  8. I have some of these. Not sure of weight. http://www.duragrips.com/catalog/category/5343434
  9. I tried a p320 guide rod and Wolff 1911 recoil spring. The spring is too long. Bought springs for a 4" 1911 but haven't had time to try that yet.
  10. Check the angle of the collator too.
  11. I ordered some recoil springs for a 4" 1911 to try on the springer P320 rod.
  12. I did change the striker spring. Seems to function OK. Hopefully it ignites primers reliably once I test it. I'm thinking my Wolff spring is the problem with recoil assembly. The spring is still going to sit in the same spot regardless of what guide rod I have. What recoil spring are you using on the Glock guide rod? A Glock spring?
  13. A Wolff 1911 spring a p320 recoil rod from Springer doesn't work. The spring clashes before the slide is all the way back. Those basepads also don't exactly work. They fit the mag body but the plastic retainer plate has a rectangular nub and the CZ base pads have a round hole.
  14. Just put a TTI extension on the mag. 1 more finger on it without it being as long as the glock pinky extension.
  15. I tested some rounds that were at room temperature then tested the same load after getting them pretty warm in a jar in the sun. I noticed zero difference with the labradar. These were with WST which people say is inverse temperature sensor. I would bet that the difference in lighting on those two days played more of a part in your perceived difference than the temperature unless you were using a chrono coffin. What kind of lighting is on your indoor range and do you have any sort of auxiliary lighting on your chrono?
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