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  1. I can't see shit. Your linky no worky.
  2. Any update on this? TBD: OCT 28-29 Walking Dead Multigun - Lights, Lasers & Lead, Cresson, TX
  3. Jesse Tichauser posted a pic on his IG of a Raptor like charge handle from Next Level Arms for the MPX. No clue when it will be available.
  4. Hey Shadyscott999, who makes that stock adapter? I'm doing an almost identical MPX. Going with the Hiperfire ECL trigger and UBR stock.
  5. I'm shooting the WOA16 inch Match profile, mid length gas, 1/7 Wylde chamber barrel. It's been incredibly accurate. It is a bit heavy but the weight adds to the stability and makes settling the rifle easier after sprinting 50 yards to shoot long range targets. Brownell's has them.
  6. I have a new rifle build and I'm using a JP LMOS bcg, JP SCS with multiple springs, an Armalite muzzle brake and an SLR adjustable gas block. Where do I start the tuning/ balancing process? What's the order of operation for getting all this working together to reduce felt recoil and stay on target? I haven't drilled the ports on the muzzle brake yet. All I've done so far is install the lightest spring in the pack on the SCS and dial down the gas with the SLR gas block to the minimum required to lock the bolt back on my handloads.
  7. So all this talk is about how to "control" recoil. You can't control it, you simply manage it. Hunter Cayll....prime example... It's more about technique than muscles/strength. Granted strength can help hold the pistol and "reduce" muzzle flip but it's ultimately how fast your eyes can see and recover the sights after the shot for the follow up. You can be iron man strong guy but if you can't see the sights lift and settle and re-acquire the sight picture in record time you're mediocre. We're all mediocre. "To shoot fast, you got to see fast"... I won't name drop but a really fast shooter told me that. It seems too simple and too quick an explanation but it's truth is solid and I continue to roll it over and over in my head when I shoot or practice. Vision is your greatest tool to improvement. I'm not discounting strength and muscle memory at all but look at Hunter Cayll and what he has to work with. He's a top shooter and I'm pretty sure grip strength has no effect on his game. If you ever meet him you'll know that sheer will and attitude are his strengths.
  8. I'm currently doing another build for 3 gun. This will become my primary and my current rifle a back up or loaner. I was about to pull the trigger on a JP Aluminum LMOS BGC when I ran across the 2A Armament Regulated BCG. The plan was an SLR Ti adjustable gas block and the JP Ultra LMOS but the 2A RBC eliminates the adjustable gas block and saves me $$. I have no experience with the 2A RBC. Anyone here using the 2A RBC? Anyone here using the JP Ultra LMOS? Thoughts? Advice? ~Willz
  9. I'm doing a new 3 Gun build and in addition to trying to lightening things up a bit by trying a Proof Research barrel, I'v been looking at the 2A Armament RBC. I'm curious how you like the RBC and how it works under match conditions? I'm about to order a SLC Ti adjustable gas block and saw this 2A RBC. Now I'm unsure what to do. I was thinking JP Ultra Lite BCG and an SLR Ti adjustable gas block. Now I'm leaning toward the 2A RBC.
  10. Awesome build Nathanb! How's the recoil on a build this lite?
  11. Shopping 320s.
  12. Anyone have a link for the "OCT 28-29 Walking Dead Multigun - Lights, Lasers & Lead, Cresson, TX" ? I'm trying to plan time off work.
  13. I like the Speedcross but I'm less than impressed with the tread life. My current pair I've worn since Jan 2015. The soles are nearly slick now. I made it a point only to wear them at matches. I'm still leaning toward full cleats.
  14. Is the Trijicon Challenge invitation only? If so how do I get an invite? Trying to plan my off time, I have to bid for vacation days off.
  15. Thanks guys. Dr said 10 months to get back to %100. He said I'd be out of the sling in 8 weeks I'm wondering how long before I can shoot 3 gun again and quad load.