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  1. You register your Legion with Sig then You fill out a questionnaire in a Legion Owners only area on the Sig site or you call Sig. My swag took about 6 weeks to get here.
  2. I was about to pull the trigger on the SRO to mount on my X5 Legion but seeing this thread and Romeo 3max coming out has me on pause.
  3. Can someone recall trigger setup someone here installed with GG internals and a straight trigger shoe with a ridge down the middle? I can't find it anywhere. I don't recall who made the trigger.
  4. You're better off calling Optics Planet and asking if they actually have anything in stock. I ordered a Vortex Razor 1x6 and received an email stating they had received my order but delivery was expected in 8 weeks. They popped my credit card immediately. So I called and found out they did not have any in stock but were expecting a delivery in 8 weeks. I asked for a refund. Took over a week to see it refunded on my card. Called Camera Land in NY and got a better price and it was in my hands in 3 days. There's no excuse to not have live inventory on a website in 2019.
  5. Picked up my pistol today. It feels really good in the hand. I like the balance. I'm not impressed with the trigger. Seems mushy, glock like. I know its striker fired but I was expecting a more solid feel and a crisp break given all the hype. I haven't shot it yet. I'm hoping to get some rounds thru it before a match next weekend. If I can't test it out I'll stick with PCC for the match.
  6. Great info here guys. I have an x-five legion on order just waiting for it to arrive at my FFL.
  7. Anyone received tracking info?
  8. I placed an order today. $198.44 on sale. Plus shipping.
  9. JK apparently is saying 3-4 more weeks before they ship. Read it on another board.
  10. You (Puma)threw a $275 trigger away rather than solve the problem? Yeah, BS. I have an ECL in my MPX. I've been shooting PCC in 2 matches a month for the last 6 months or so and I haven't had any issues with this set up. I think you guys having issues may have something incorrectly installed, possibly binding the trigger reset. The most common error is having one or both spring guides or "toggle shafts" reversed. This is is easy to screw up. I installed my first hiperfire, (24C) with one guide rods backwards and I couldn't get the trigger to reset during function testing. It took me a bit to figure it out. once I did it has been flawless in my 3gun rifle. See step 5 in the install guide .https://www.hiperfire.com/downloads/PartsInstallationManual_ECL_20170731.pdf If this doesn't help I suggest you contact Hiperfire, they will solve your problem. I'm going to the range Monday and I'll see if I can deliberately out run the trigger. I doubt I can, Jerry could possibly.
  11. So I'm resurrecting this thread since I recently received an email from Natchez about a sale on B&P shotshells. If you go to B&P USA their site has been hijacked by a video link to "37 items that sell out after a disaster". I watched some of it but its an add to get you to buy a newsletter about disaster prepping. I.ve not been able to find any link to B&P USA or B&P shotshells at all other than the hijacked link. The only place I've found that still has B&P low recoil slugs is Dillon Precision.
  12. Willz

    P320 X5 Thread

    No X5 models available in my area yet.
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    I can't see shit. Your linky no worky.
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