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Steel Challenge Nationals


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Anyone heard news on Steel Challenge Nationals? I tried to go the their website and it is not there anymore.

Hey Tim,

It's listed on the USPSA website for 3/25/10. Or get a hold of Mike Calloway from Schuemann barrels for specifics.


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Are those the regular steel challenge stages? 80 second barrier my ass.

76 is truly impressive.

There was no wired stop plate so this is raw time based on last shot fired. The flight time would have to be calculated off each competitors load in order to get a real perspective. However is was still impressive.

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Full scores are posted at www.ussteelshoot.com

Rim Fire

Dave Sevigny shot a 64.16 to take the rimfire match with Todd Jarret (70.50) and Shannon Smith (71.15) finishing out the podium.

Limited - Sevigny was still on fire and and took the limited title

1. Dave Sevigny (LTD - 94.21)

2. Todd Jarrett (LTD - 96.3)

3. B. J. Norris (LTD - 97.46)

Overall - KC went into the last stage with a 2 second lead, Max fired a stage record on Outer Limits to almost catch him. Truely a great finish.

Great match KC, Max, and Dave!

1. K.C. Eusebio (Open - 78.01)

2. Max Michel (Open - 78.02)

3. Dave Sevigny (Open - 86.29)

Steel Master - Here Dave pulled a commanding lead in the Rim Fire Match. Todd shot a great match but couldn't catch up on the 6 second lead.

1. Dave Sevigny -- 244.66

2. Todd Jarrett -- 257.40

3. B. J. Norris -- 261.90

4. Shanon Smith -- 267.14

5. Jerry Miculek -- 267.92

A big thanks to our many sponsors and staff! Check out our sponsor's page to contact any of them to thank them for the prize table!


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