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shipping mags to Canada

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Due to the ITAR Treaty, it is a violation to ship firearms related parts outside of the US without the appropriate import and export permits. This is apparenty being enforced by some section of the State Department.

Pretty damn stupid concept, but there have been some hefty fines passed out for violators. One dealer got the fine for sending a rifle sling to Canada as silly as that sounds.

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the rules keep changing but the last time i looked if the cost was under $100 it was legal to ship.

those are the rules that numrich has posted. under $100 in gun parts, no problem.

oh well.

Be careful here!

From Numrich:

"All orders over $100 or that contain a restricted part must be mailed to us with an import license from your government and we would license this shipment with our U.S. State Dept. There will be an additional $35 license processing fee. (Note: Canada has a $500 parts limit)


See if you can find someone who deals with ITAR day to day to find out for sure. The laws can be goofy. When I was working in Czechoslovakia, I found items that were restricted for shipment from the US that I could buy at the Kotva department store in Prague!

Good luck!


PS: Numrich won't go to court with you...

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Don't short change the enforcement of ITAR. It is being enforced out of an area of the State Department run by an apparent liberal with an agenda. It is not well documented as to actualities and what you can or can't do, but if Customs and State Dept enforcement agents show up at your door, demanding to go through your books and threatening 100k fines, all of a sudden you will realize they are pretty serious about it.

A dealer on our Valdada distributor network got a visit for shipping a scope to Canada. Another dealer we have been in contact got a visit for shipping a rifle sling. Pretty darn silly, but you can thank the UN.

A very large mail order place in the midwest, got fined over 100k for shipping gun parts out of the US. Now this store has marked various items on their web site as gun parts and require permits.

If you ship 10 round mags once to Canada, are you going to get caught, probably not?

Whether you take ITAR seriously or not, up to you. We can only provide the warning info for you to make a decision.

One other thing, apparently shipments to APO addresses that are over $100 are also in violation of ITAR. i never have been able to find that in the ITAR regs, but that is also being enforced.

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mags shouldn't be a problem as they aren't listed as a gun part. they are an accessory. and of course we are allowed 10 round mags here (pistol and the RRA AR15 Pistol ones). rimfire mags have no limit, excpet in a pistol. oh and if the moon is full you can load your mags backwards...............

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