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  1. Can a bomar rear sight be compressed in order for a pistol to fit in the USPSA size box (or whatever it’s called) or does it have to fit the existing dimension of the box as it sits? hope I made myself clear thanks
  2. Anyone that still runs an AI and likes it needs to thank Kurt. I wouldn’t have ever bought my first benelli if it wasn’t for him. And he was my first benelli gunsmith.
  3. Slide lock reload over insertions. I know all the tricks and prevents. Nothing can stop a ham fisted operator and his need for an unplanned reload
  4. everything is much more robust and held to more consistent tolerances on any benelli vs stoeger, but that horse is beat to death
  5. Another vote for Innovative. Saved me from buying a Miller Dynasty several times over
  6. looks like you could shave with that front end
  7. Stoeger could win an area match with a 5 year old flip flop and 9mm blanks
  8. i didnt read all the above, but it looks like a shell is slipping past the shell catch (your heavy loads may be helping that)AND the carrier is tight on the trigger group AND possibly the carrier spring is weak. good luck
  9. Are you kidding me? Id get a Triangle, hands down
  10. I like pizza with square cuts, btw. Wedges are too Sbarro.
  11. You guys let me know when you get these stoegers kitted up with enough gear and fixes to just buy an M2. Wont be long now.
  12. yes; you win a bunch of magnum shells in a contest?
  13. busting your ass trying to make 2.75 dram stuff work in an inertia gun is a wasteful task. Its not that big of a difference. If it will run the gun, it will kick.
  14. Jesse, Are feathered bangs going out of style, or should I get a haircut?
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