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  1. Places to try while there. Ths sizzling grill is always good on the north end of Lake Wales. For a steak Norby's is great. Don't be put off by the outside view. MAnny's steak house is also good. For Barbeque Fat Boy's south of town on teh way to the range was always good. The Holiday Inn was the place to stay at.
  2. Do you shot IPSC? If you do you have the gear you need. If you don't you need a 9 x 19 or larger handgun, at least 50 rounds in mags, a belt, holster, mag pouches, eye and ear protection. As well to take a firearm onto the USA a foreign alien you will need a form 6 from the US ATF as well as a Canadian ATT that allows you to go to any border crossing.
  3. Howdy Guys I am going to be driving down to Salt Lake City in a 35 motor home to shoot the Utah State match August 29/30. From there i am going to heading east to shoot the US IPSC Nationals in Frostproof Florida. I am debating which way to go whither to take the I 80 out of SLC to Denver or should i head south to Vegas and go through Flagstaff? since i am travelling in the motor home i would like to know what each route is like concerning passes etc. any help would be appreciated.
  4. I asked him about new springs and followers and he told me there weren't any. i am now very reluctant to use the mag in a match.
  5. awhile back someone posted a link to a place in Texas that made a rifle rack that sat underneath the rear seat of a pickup truck. Of course now i can't find the link. If anyone could help me out i would appreciate it.
  6. We had a fellow shoot the Canadian Nationals a couple of years in one.
  7. Thanks Dustin. I am in Contact with Sean was just hoping you had an inside track :}
  8. Dustin, any idea of when you are going to start shipping to Canada?
  9. Does anybody have a current method to contact Joel? if so could you please PM it to me or let Joel know I am trying to contact him.
  10. bwikel do you have any pictures of this? sounds like a good upgrade.
  11. Short answer is you need authorization to bring your guns into Canada even if passing through. If you really want to the best thing to do is contact the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-4000.
  12. Universal Ammo from Frank Garcia works well in my Trubore.
  13. are we going to be able to work and shot the open nationals like Utah or are we going to have to work the limited nationals so we can shoot the open nationals?
  14. It's been done! they use to use these to fly into Lethbrdige Alberta Canada
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