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Not looking for a hatcamera...gotta get something that will allow me to see my "movement" through stages.

I only understood about half of the words in those earlier postings....I would rate my techno-fluency just below "Chimp" and just above "Tapeworm."


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I just use a Sony digital camera that can also do video. I think it is a Sony cybershot. Most of your point-n-shoot digital cameras have video capability. All you have to do is ask one of your friends to video you, record them for doing you a favor and review them later. Just make sure you have a memory card that is big enough. I had a 256mb and it will do a 6 stage match, but 512mb or 1gb would be better. You can record more of the other shooters as well and see how they shot it different from you.

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I would recommend getting a tripod.

Check out Ben Stoeger's videos here:


Obviously some of those videos are shot with a "remote camera" on a tripod.

I was always a little anxious about asking one of my squadmates to video me shooting a stage:

1. I didn't want to be rude or to put them out

2. 99% of the time the "cameraman" has to stay way back behind the line and

only gets a good video of the RO's or SO's back

I originally started video-ing matches with a Sony DVD handycam like these here:

Sony DVD Handycams

The catch with those though is I wanted to edit the video clips on my computer I had to use Sony's own proprietary software to convert the raw .vob footage on the mini-DVD disc to a .mpg format.

It was very slow and the then current software I was using is not nearly as powerful and feature packed as some 3rd party video editing software you can buy today.

The advantage it has now that I have a DVD burner with my computer is that I can burn DVD/R copies of the finalized mini-DVD. That is a lot quicker to do, to just burn the raw footage to multiple discs and then hand them to whoever else I videoed at the match.

I am now using this as a hatcam:

Samsung HatCam

It saves in the .avi format.

Yeah, I know you said you didn't want or need a hatcam, that you wanted to check out your movement/foot work while completing a CoF.

But, you can use the regular main camera body on a tripod, like I suggested, to do just that. Leave the external lens body at home and never worry about the hatcam thing, at least for now.

Anyway, yeah, it saves in a .avi format and getting the video clips to the computer's hard drive couldn't be simpler or faster.

I just play them in Windows Media player.

The other advantage this little camera has is there are no moving parts. It doesn't have to eat up a battery's juice to keep a mini-DVD spinning across the laser.

Editing videos just eats up too much time (I've got better things to do), so I just keep the "raw" .avi clips on the hard drive, play them through WMP like I said, and that's good enough for me.

Both cameras did come with their own very proprietary AV cords, so I could also play them through the TV. That kinda comes in handy at a match hotel when I haven't brought a computer or laptop with me. It can be kinda entertaining for the other guys in the squad to watch how they shot the first day of a two day match too, and maybe make improvements.

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When I was looking for a new video camera (going on my 6th one now) I had a few things to consider. Image quality, color reproduction and compatibility with my computer were the top three. I settled for a Panasonic with a Leica lens and a 3CCD image sensor using Mini DV tapes. It was a little more expensive than most others but well worth it as the image is much clearer than others, and the tape(s) are my back-up/archive. You will need the proper cabling and software for your computer as they usually dont come with it (for video editing by PC). The software I use is marketed by Sony, called Vegas movie studio+DVD and it is amazing. Finished DVD's are like a profesional product complete with chapter selection and all. Hope some of this helps.


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+1 for the Samsung Sportscam. I use the hatcam lense, but it isn't necessary, and you always have the option of going to it if you desire in the future. Easy to use, light weight and quality video. Pretty reasonable price wise as well.

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