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How can I dry fire without damaging gun?

Flatland Shooter

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I've not shot a rifle in many years, but fellow shooters are giving me the "carbine match bug".

My lovely wife, trying to find the perfect Christmas present (this was back in 1986) bought me a brand new Colt HBAR Sporter .223 AR-15. A very nice gun. I took it to the range, fired 15 to 20 rounds through it, cleaned it and put it into the safe.

Now 20 years later I may finally have a use for it.

In preparation for my first carbine match, I would like to do a little dry firing but I've never heard anyone say how to dry fire without damaging the gun. Is it like a 1911 where I can dry fire all day long on an empty chamber without risk? Or would it be best to pick up a couple of snap caps?

For the sake of this gun, I will not open the gun safe until the fine members of this forum have had their say.



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I really don't dry fire rifles very much! "Snaping in...that,s for boot camp baby"!! I usually only dry fire them to test a trigger once installed. Now magazine changes...well Kelly and Chuck better watchout!! I'm sure it,s in the millions of bazzillions :lol: KURTM

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