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Tumbling Media Life

Ron Brooks

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In the thread "I am Killing Dies" it is mentioned that dirty media can cause, well, ruined dies. Okay so how do you tell when it is too dirty? Now I have been using plain Lizaard Litter and always run something in it to absorb the dust, be it strips of dryer sheets, paper towels, or what have you. I have just been tending to throw out my media when, well, the mood strikes me. Oh, I do tumble range picups but I clean the cases up of mud and such before tumbling them.

Any tips on when I should be tossing the media?



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I usually toss my polishing media when it seems to take too long to get a nice shine on the cases. I don't know how many cases this equates too, but I generally get 20 or so tumbling runs out of my polishing media. I use cut up dryer sheets in every load and this seems to extend the life of the media.

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I go by color of my media and if it's leaving residue on the inside of the bowl. I also use dryer sheets and it will extend the life of the media. I would go by time, but I usually tumble 4-6 hours every batch regardless. I like really shiney brass.

Another way to determine if the media has ran its life is to look at the cleaned brass and see if it has small black particles imbedded inbetween the primer and brass or in the case rim areas.

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