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Noob checking in . I'm an old guy, but new to Practical Shooting. Got my first gun last year. I want to thank all of you who contribute to this Forum, your "sharing" is much appreciated.

PS Bought "Beyong Funamentals" and cant put the book down. It's great.

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:cheers: Ever been on a Hay Ride =Big wagon full of hay Well :D the deal is more than one person has to help you up on the wagon , cuz it is so full of Hay, And the more people on the Wagon the more fun you end up having. :goof:

I don't remember having any "drinks" or any thing but it Sher was fun. Having them stick their hands down to help you up.

So Me too, Thanks for the help :bow: some of them living and some of them passed on. :bow: Thanks for the Hand

Its what makes life so sweet

Jamie Foote

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Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge. I think that's what draws people to this sport, the comraderie and willingness to share knowledge and experience. I remember my first match and how intimidating it was to see all the M and GM shooters tear down stages, and I going at a snail's pace and missing half the targets on the stage. Everyone wanted to help and give me tips to getting better. I just kept going to matches, making new friends, and became a better shooter. Now I do the same thing for the newer people who come to the matches. I'm far from being good, but always like to help out the new people who come in. We were all new at one point, and some of us are still on the newer side, but we've all got something to pass on.

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