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A Good Production Score Is What Percentage of top Open?


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I shoot Production at club matches at my local range (Moss Branch). The only ranking that is shown in the results is the un-official consolidated ranking that shows all of the scores. The top score of 100% is always an Open class shooter, followed by other Open shooters and Limited shooters, with the Production shooters far down the list. I'm trying to get a feel for what is a "rule of thumb" in comparing the best open scores to the best production scores. I know that question can't truly be answered as there are too many factors, such as stage design, top shooter ability, etc....BUT I'm just trying to get an idea as to how well I actually shot. For example, at the last match, the top shooter shot 450 match points for 100%, and I shot 251 match points for 55%. I am classified "C" in Production. There were only two other Production shooters, one shot better than me and one worse. How did I actually do? If I were a highly classified Production shooter, what is the best that I could expect to do against Open and Limited? Thanks!


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like people said above it depends on the shooter, and the course of fire. If you goto Rio salado website you can see Robbie whooping some but in production, beating open gm's all the time with his xd.

So, I guess it's the Indian not the arrow? :rolleyes:

I watched a solid M class Open shooter switch to production for a month. The two top B shooters stomped him for 4 weeks straight. 70-75% is a good area.

There SHOULD be more to the story than that. A "solid" M class guy should know more than top B's. I switched from Limited to Prod for one match. I got stomped. I was pretty pissed until the guy who's gun I borrowed called to say *Laughing* that the rear sight was loose in the dovetail, and no wonder I couldn't get through even one stage without a mike.

When I've switched to open, or single stack, I've finished at about a class behind where I would be with a gun I knew, but nothing as drastic as solid M to stomped by B's.

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Open is a completely different game on difficult stages. Optics have a big advantage on distant targets or partial targets with no-shoots nearby. Open also has a considerable magazine capacity advantage on a 22-28 round stage with little movement between shooting positions and no mandatory reloads.

Look at the top Limited, Limited-10, or Single Stack score. Production should be about 90% relative to the highest Limited/Limited-10/Single Stack shooter on stages where capacity has minimal impact (low round count, movement between shooting positions, or mandatory reloads). When there is a very high round count and little movement, Limited-10 or Single-Stack are a better comparison. Depending on who entered each Division, you could also look at Limited TIMES and compare the time after adjusting for an extra reload or two.

BTW, on a typical match where the top non-optic score is 85% of the top Open score, 75% is a good rule of thumb. I just wanted to let you know how shot difficulty and number of required reloads will change that somewhat.

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hard to guage..

a lot will depend on what level of shooter is there and the courses of fire..

we have a decent grouping of GMs and Ms in our section..and in the overall..the C production shooters are hitting around 60%-65%

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Your club should be properly posting the scores...by individual divisions. It ain't like it's hard to do. It certainly is the RIGHT thing to do. You might see if there is anything you and the other shooters can do to help out with running the match...giving the stats person a bit more time and energy. Maybe the format will improve that way.

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