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I recently bought an Undersize Pistol Die from EGW. I had a problem with the die scratching my brass. I sent an email to them and got a quick response. They told me to send it back. In a week I had a new die that works great. Thank You EGW.

Tom J

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being relatively new myself, it is amazing how different most of the people /companies in this industry are. Customer service is not just a catchphrase on a company poster in the break area. They mean it, and want your return business. I have no grief with that at all... it's easy to make a loyal customer, and it's a shame that the larger multinational companies have forgotten a lot about what made them big in the first place. My two experiences with EGW have both been as smooth as a baby's behind, and I'll look to them in the future.

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Thats good to hear, I'm going to be ordering some dies soon. I'll give these folks a try. We shooters are pretty fortunate to have so many good companies to deal with. Lets continue to support the good ones till the others go bye-bye!


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