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I take it you guys don't use the .40 expander at the swage station at all then?? I want to be able to utilize the swage feature as I get just enough crimped brass that it irritates me. Also, do the 9mm cases prime without problems with the extra slack at the priming station. I would think they wouldn't line up as precise with the extra slop.

I have a .40 caliber conversion kit I don't need and was going to try to trade or sell and then buy a 9mm kit. If I can get by with just ordering the locator pins and the 9mm expander for the swage station, I would do it.

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Sheldon, If you want to get rid of that .40 sw conversion kit. Let me know,

I was going to try this, But had a primer go off last night in the first 25 rounds of a reloading session. It blew the whole tube up, Was loading 9 mm and using all the correct parts but not the swage asm, As I use once fired RP that does not need swaged. The press was just asm after a major cleaning every part was cleaned in the ultra sonic then hand cleaned lubed and asm, So I know it was not dirt or some particle.

Must have been a bad primer, I have the shell casing and it is fine, It must have went off in the slide asm.

I don't think having the shell loose while being primed would be a good thing. I for one after that little scare with stick with the right plate for the right job.

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