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Sharpie mark zones dry fire targets?


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With aggressive dry fire par times its hard for me to tell if I'm making As,Bs zone at soonest sight picture on target. Especially with a 1/6th scaled target. I was thinking about making some sharpie marks around each zone, but wondering if this would negatively affect match performance where the zones arent clear. Thoughts anyone?

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Only one way to find out.  Mark the A zone, practice for a week, then live fire to see any difference.  If neutral results, continue until you have better or worse results.  If negative results, new dry fire targets are cheap.



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You pose an interesting question.


A number of years back when I was shooting competitively (on a very local level) we would cut out the A zone on the targets and employ that target for both dry as well as live fire.


The idea was not mine but rather appropriated from Mr. Bruce Gray who introduced it to us during one of his excellent classes. I think it helped me very much as it forced me to do just what I had to do to score well and efficiently..... and secondarily this practice did help me save a bit of money by preserving the targets a bit longer.


I continue to follow this practice somewhat....particularly as i hate to waste money and paper.


Perhaps this effect would be similar to that which you describe. 

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You'd be better off making marks exactly where you want the sights to go rather than "anywhere in here".  Use removable marks so you can pull them off now and then to compare.


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