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Akai oversized tungsten sleeve barrel vs hybrid/island


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Looking at Akai 2011 and I’ve run across a couple barrel options.  First is the standard bull barrel, next is the hybrid/island and finally the oversized tungsten sleeved barrel. I grasp the concept of the bull and the hybrid/island but what is the benefit of the tungsten sleeved barrel?  Weight?

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I have a small tungsten sleeve on my STI Tactical. It has a cheely grip as well. 


I kind of wish I didnt. It is less flippy but it's a pain to wear on my hip all day.


Watching old video footage I don't think I've had a measureable decrease in split times compared to a bog stock edge. 


I've had island barrels too and the difference seems insignificant to me. Pick the one you like the look of and go shoot it. 


Check these videos out for the difference in muzzle rise. 2022 is after 2 and a bit years of lockdown with very sporadic shooting, I was more in form in the other videos pre covid.  


STI Tactical with cheely grip and no sleeve. : 



Tactical with sleeve. 




Stock standard plastic gripped edge. 



Infinity with island barrel. 



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