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Gunsmith recommendations for slide work?


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Now that Gary Natale has retired I'm trying to find a new smith for slide work.  simple stuff like flat topping, milling for rackers, milling for sights, cutting serrations, and some lightening work, as well as barrel threading for compensators.  I can do most everything else I think.  Obviously Gary was notorious for his quick turnaround and great work and fair prices, and would like to find someone suitable.  I've been doing most my own work, but I'm not currently in a career position where I can acquire a mill or lathe to do my own work (future aspirations, once the PCS moves come to a halt).  I'm good with mailing, and I expect that to be mandatory being currently located in Hawaii.  I'm good with up-and-coming shops and trying out home machinists who are looking for some side jobs.  Hoping to establish a relationship with someone as I work to move forward on some projects I've had on the back burner for a while, and looking for some recommendations for someone who doesn't necessarily pop up on google...

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Sending a slide to dan for some cuts, along with a barrel to get threaded for a cone comp. His work seems great. Gary's speed and quality combined with his pricepoint were hard to beat, hoping Dan can be my go-to until I can stabilize and get a mill and lathe of my own.

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On 9/8/2022 at 4:13 AM, Silverscooby27 said:

Just call him and talk to him. You would have to tell him exactly what you want for him to come up with a price anyway. Whatever that price is, it will be great. He does not overcharge.

I'll vouch for that. He's quick, price was fair and work was quality. There's no Ala Carte menu for most work. Everyone wants something a little different, the price reflects how unique and complex you want to go. 

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