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10 round NYC mags for stock II


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54 minutes ago, Zachjet said:

Does anyone know Where can I find 10 round mags. 

will these fit my new gun?




thanks in advanced 

If the picture is accurate, those look like it’s for the Small Frame but that’s just a guess. Small Frames can use CZ Magazines, and the photo looks like a CZ mag. Can’t tell if the listing is for the Large Frame or the Small Frame. 

Edit: I just looked up the UPC, and the listing is for a Small Frame Tanfoglio. 

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Found more info
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11 minutes ago, JFlowers said:

Would a "blocked" standard magazine be legal under NYC law?

Would have to be permanently blocked.

She here in New York City we have to ask permission to acquire a purchase order to buy a gun.


so after about six weeks of waiting they’ll give you a date to pick up a purchase order. Which is only done Monday through Friday 9 AM to 2 PM


then after you pick up your gun you have to bring it back to Nypd headquarters for an inspection

they want to see one magazine and the gun  

So I don’t wanna go up there with a magazine with a plastic blocker and they say that’s not good enough.


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At one point I knew a guy would had magazines set up so he pulled the follower, spring, and blocker and swapped them out when he competed outside of his home state.  But I understand wanting something foolproof for inspection by the NYC Dept of Idiots.


So glad I moved out of that cesspool.

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