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  1. Same here, settle on 10 lb and change it twice a year
  2. I'm currently running 160:100 the rear is way up
  3. Has anybody switch to 150:115 front sight. How do you like the sight picture and the relationship to the rear sight
  4. Reload can be an issue with it, the full checkered is similar to Henning for less money.
  5. Overtime the spring softens after some live and dry practice
  6. can you show us how the o ring fits in the grip screw
  7. 3.6 N340 with 147gr @130pf soft and accurate
  8. I too have encountered the extreme spread with the newer N320. I thought it was the powder measure /scale and recalibrated and verified it again now it measures consistently. But will have to Re chrono my load again.
  9. Wow! What are the lot# of your old and new Prima V
  10. whats you chrono number/pf with acme 124?
  11. Well, check the ones I got from Grafs, PB 16055, dark grains as well. I have not use this batch yet. Let us know about your finidngs
  12. I too use this powder, Chic, which batch has the darker grains?
  13. I just notice this, got some Acme newer 124gr and it wont pass plunk test at 1.25, but the older one I was loading at 1.25 and it spin freely. Do they change mold to keep up with demand?
  14. Does all your magz numbered? So you can isolate the culprit. I have one factory magz that doing this, Henning sells mag spring kit for large frame- 6/pack( me far)I shot over 1500 in 3 days zero problem after I change it.
  15. Do you do this with live and dry practice? How do you section this in your dry fire/ live?
  16. This plus remove the FPB to minimize wear.
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