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Legal expert knowledge request

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Somewhere else, I have a thread on possibly changing the Classifieds forum to "pay a small monthly fee to sell" - with no minimum post required. If I did that, however... 


My gut feeling on changing the Classified forum to a free-for-all / no minimum post count... I feel at some point it would become a nightmare for me... members trying to sue me for "deals gone bad." But, I have no actual idea if that could be  a reality. If I didn't not have any sort of "you've gotta be a trusted member to sell in the Classifieds" deal in place, could I be held responsible, as the host?


I have no idea. Anyone on board know the answer to that?

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With all due respect, unless this board has a member who is an attorney who is knowledgeable in this practice, it's probably best to pay a pro for his knowledge.


In my layman's opinion, charging a fee to post in the classifieds is no different than Armlist's business model.  They merely offer a place for third parties to list content.  They are not involved in the transaction.  The money they charge their members is for operating expenses, etc.  It might be a good idea to go read their terms and conditions.

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Where’s Carmoney when you need him.

by not charging a fee, you are not mentioned in any deal not responsible for sold or traded items.

let’s face it, if McDonald’s can be sued for selling hot coffee, so could you.

not a lawyer but I did watch Boston legal.!,,

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