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Zero distance for sights and optics - what do you prefer?


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i ran my glocks with fixed sights for years in IdPA.   A combo of aging eyes and more frequent longer shots in USPSA has me thinking about options.   I am going to try out an adjustable sight on my production gun and am working to a transition to carry optics.


what distance do you zero your sights for on carry optics or open guns?


i am thinking either 20 or 25 yards and then I can figure out holdovers closer in and further out.  

shool me,


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I think my guns are zeroed at 10 yards. @eerw would know the distance CZC zeros fixed sights to.

I've never used a hold over and some matches here ask you to shoot full size pepper poppers at 50 - 70 yards.

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Ignore the header, I plugged in 1050 FPS, 125 grain bullets and 0.4" sight height above axis. 


15 yards would work, seems like I am more confident of the zero at this range.




25 looks better if you can group shoot well enough and your bullets fly straight enough to zero the gun precisely.




There are several free ballistics calculators on the internet. 



Edit: Plugged in 115 grain and 1400 fps under the assumption that was characteristic for an open gun. 0 - 50 yards and you are always within 1" of zero both at 15 and 25 zero's. 

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for irons I like 25 yards from a rest, then confirm freestyle.  Trajectory isnt gonna amount to anything, but the longer distance will magnify errors and give a more precise zero.

Far as optics ? dunno on that one. I am having issues with this.  My gun is set  with a carver bridge mount and a Viper reddot. Figure about same height as an old school C more. Gun will be used exclusively at 29 feet...   Although I am dead on at 25 yards, I am still a bit low at 7 yards ( 21 feet).. ran out of vertical adjustment.  Was hitting about 1 inch low at 7 yards. Havent tried at 10 yet.

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