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  1. Admittedly not the full set but I picked up their sizing and crimp dies. Results weren’t what I was hoping for, especially the crimp die. Ended up going back to my old setup.
  2. Weird. I’ve dropped my Max a few times including one where the gun skidded across rocks and dirt and sand for 10 feet. I’ve got a scratched housing but kept zero and no cracks.
  3. because that is specifically and explicitly allowed in the rules therefore that is part of the equipment rules that apply during the COF
  4. so I don’t have a GX, but got what looks to be an identical lock lever and added it to my RHT holsters. It does a pretty good job. But I would treat it more as a safety device for when you’re NOT on the clock. Disengaging and drawing is kludgy when you have a timer going. And you probably aren’t gonna draw successfully with it engaged also for what it’s worth, I also tried a cheap bike seat clamp and had similar results.
  5. I have been shooting it since right after it came out, so 2 full seasons. I’ve tried a number of dots and here’s my assessment. Holosun 507C: good optic, window size fairly small. I found the circle dot reticle a little distracting so ended up running it on dot only, and I prefer bigger dot size so ended up moving away from it. Reliability and durability was flawless. DPP: reliability nightmare. Glass super clear and decent size. Not a fan of the controls. I hear they’ve made some design updates to fix some of the issues but I could never trust one again. SRO: I n
  6. I think it’s more safe to say that he won’t be shooting much USPSA at events put on by the national organization. I don’t think his feelings extend to everyone’s Majors.
  7. I will agree with the folks saying it looks like whatever was in your pocket hitting the holster plus your leg bumping the hanger. I’ll also say that your movement on that was pretty “jumpy” and heavy especially with the gun side. I don’t think that’s a very good strategy to use when you’ve got a fully loaded metal framed CO gun in your holster. It can really get some momentum going. even if you buy a clamping lock for the holster or one of the holsters that come with that, I doubt you would have kept it engaged and unlocked it on the clock. And I’ve personally had a gun
  8. try your first method again, but shorten the prewash to 15 min and add either a tiny tiny splash of the concentrate or a normal splash of previously used combined wash fluid. Dump, quick fill/rinse, then normal wash got the hour. especially if it’s a fresh batch, this method comes out looking as good or better than new brass.
  9. “You know if you practice you could actually be good”
  10. how many rounds do you have down range on the updated DPP? Frankly with how badly I’ve been burned by the DPP I don’t think I could trust it again personally, at least not without putting more rounds down range than I care to invest in hope. And in contrast to your Sig optics experience, I have more rounds on each of my 3 Romeo 3 Max’es with no issues whatsoever than I did on any of my 3 DPPs, all of which broke (2 twice and 1 once).
  11. Did you end up with a 507/407K when you wanted a C? been seeing that a bunch lately.
  12. FWIW he shot the MN section match this past weekend in Prod after shooting CO at Great Plains in June.
  13. 1. Practice more. Setting a performance goal would be pretty arbitrary - I cannot control who shows up to matches or how much effort they put in. But I can control that for me, and if I put in the time the results will follow. 2. accountability and an equally committed training partner.
  14. We have safety rules for a reason. We get lax on them and eventually people get hurt. “But it was a new shooter” won’t matter if a round goes over the berm, the shooter NDs into the spectators or themselves, or they drop the gun. That is why I enforce the rules as written. If it’s a new shooter I am liberal with my warnings if I see a bad behavior starting, but once it crosses the line to actually being the violation, I call it and have a conversation afterwards.
  15. I guess why are you specifically looking at the titan? I am asking because your other press/automation stuff you mentioned doesn’t seem directly comparable to the Titan.
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