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  1. Some folks have said that it may not be a matter of red or green being easier to pick up, but after a while you get used to the first color so switching forces your brain to pay more attention for a while. so it might be one of those things where you switch back and forth every now and then to keep your brain on its toes!
  2. I’ve been a long time lurker, but decided to start getting more active. I’ve been shooting USPSA since fall of 2017, started in Production and then moved to Carry Optics in 2018. Made A class in CO recently despite not enough practice live or dry, and feel generally optimistic about continuing to grow in the sport. I got RO certified last year and just picked up my steel challenge endorsement a few months ago. I’m trying some new stuff this year, I’m our deputy section coordinator for the first time, COVID forced a premature end to my first season as match director for my clubs indoor league, and I’ll be shooting my first nationals. looking forward to getting to know all of you better and hopefully contributing positively to the forum for a long time to come.
  3. Walther Q5 SF with Romeo 3 Max. Love the platform.
  4. They don’t call him Sasquatch for nothing! He works for CZ USA and is one of the hosts on the Hit Factor Podcast (there’s 2, he’s on the better one). Also occasionally pops up as a guest on the Shoot Fast Podcast.
  5. I’ve got multiple Overwatch triggers and never had an issue like this. Are you 100000% sure that they sent you the poly PPQ version of the trigger?
  6. I live in Area 3, so there’s definitely a trend towards hoser and 32 round courses, although some clubs locally are better than others. I think I enjoy a good 20 round COF better than 2 generic 32 rounders.
  7. I had a pretty rough one about a week ago. Had a primer jam under the shell plate of my Mark 7 press, but I didn’t know it was a primer until later. Shell plate was jammed so bad I couldn’t remove the shell plate nut to take it off, so I had to hammer the shell plate back to a spot where the root cause could be moved out. Naturally I didn’t stop to think that this had to be a live primer and started hammering with a punch. BANG. I’d taken my eye pro off and wasn’t wearing ear pro. The ringing didn’t go away for a few days.
  8. This sent me down an awesome rabbit hole. Bookmarked - thank you for this!
  9. He came to 1 more match and got a lot of dirty looks then never saw him again. If he shows up again, next time he DQs for something unsafe he won’t be welcome at our matches.
  10. At the indoor match I run, we had a tactical Timmy shooting his 3rd or 4th match. He’s on deck, everyone goes down range on this wide open speed shoot to score and paste. he decides to draw his gun and dry fire the whole stage while there’s people down range standing in front of the targets. Needless to say the minute us ROs noticed he was outta there. Scary feeling.
  11. I’m glad I found this thread. I’ve been very up and down on my first stages this year, probably made worse because of my lack of practice due to corona shutdowns. When things go well, I almost feel like I’m floating by the time I step to the line before Make Ready. When they don’t, I feel the nervousness and adrenaline. I want to capture that floating feeling.
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