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  1. Basically you charge whatever you need to. USPSA charges $40/head plus lodging and a reasonable per diem for the instructor. For newly affiliated clubs that meet some requirements for activity they also offer a special program where the first 20 spots are at no charge from USPSA. My club just had that program so we took $40/head across the board and what we saved from the new club program covered the rest easily. Another older club locally is doing a class and charging $65 each.
  2. Are you using the trigger spring it comes with, or something else like a Sprinco? re: the parts that fell out - big oof. I have taken the sear cage all the way apart and the springs for the single action lever and the sear are absolute nightmares. Makes working on a decocker CZ seem like a walk in the park. Hoping I can come up with some good tricks for my full teardown video to make it easier.
  3. Apex still hasn’t released anything for the SF. the Overwatch is real nice. So is the new Walther Dynamic Performance Trigger.
  4. I can guarantee you any setback issue with the MA dies is due to over flaring. the MA dies spec size and do a great job at it. If you flare like you do with an undersized die you will eventually lose neck tension. I had this issue too and I was flaring way too much as soon as I adjusted that to the recommended amount per MA’s instructions I have had 0 issues since.
  5. The MA die is great but be aware it’s spec sizing, not undersize. I flare less with their dies than I did with undersize dies before.
  6. Wow. This year certainly keeps on getting worse. To be honest I thought he died years ago. Now I find out he wasn't dead...but is now.
  7. I suggest reaching out to HQ directly. I am not aware of a special upgrade price available by default. you get a new number that starts with B.
  8. Yes. you can see their IRS form 990 filings here: https://www.causeiq.com/organizations/united-states-practical-shooting-association,911325053/ Additionally you can set them up as a charity for automatic payroll deductions, potentially with company matching, for many employers who use one of the standard giving platforms out there. And if you use Amazon Smile you can set it up as your charity there too.
  9. Benefactor membership the second half of it is a donation so you can take a tax deduction for that portion. Other than that, you get the cool number and a badge on your profile and a little certificate. - B65
  10. Progress last few weeks For the most part, I'm doing well, but when I get inconsistent, I'm doing so the same couple of ways - occasional tensing of my firing hand, occasional weak support hand grip, and occasional whole body tension. Almost all of my non-alphas are in one of these buckets, and I get occasional trigger freeze from the tensing issues. I think I've resolved an earlier issue I had that I characterize as "I acknowledge there is a trigger but do not acknowledge the direction it should be pulled". I was pulling shots all over, charlies deltas Mike's you name it once
  11. I picked one up too, was actually running just the fire control with the Overwatch trigger for a while and decided to get the Walther to compare. If you all looked up an install video, it was probably mine. I did a new video comparing the two and giving my first impressions. So far I'm one range session in, and still had to do some tweaks, but I think this is a winner.
  12. I used to just skip over everyone's posts in this section but the more I think about it, the more I like it. Figure I'd give it a try myself. Match performance Progression so far I'd never fired a gun until Jan. 2017, started competing in USPSA shooting Production in fall of that year. Mid-2018 right when the rules got changed I had Cajun build me a Shadow 2 for CO thinking I'd dabble in it here and there, but after the first match I ran CO at, I never looked back. Sure I've dabbled with other divisions along the way, but CO is my true love I guess. Initially classified
  13. MA is working on a crimp die right now. I've used both the RCBS taper crimp die and the lee factory crimp die for 9 with good results, but the Lee FCD is a little short for the thick toolhead on the Mark 7 presses. You'd have to run the lock ring on the bottom of the toolhead, which interferes with available press lighting systems. From a sizing die standpoint, I really like them. No coke bottle shape, and I honestly don't remember the last time I bothered with lube (I exclusively load pistol). Had to change up my flare and crimp settings some but once I got that dialed in, it's been smo
  14. Hwansik Kim posted something a few weeks back that he's taping his optic over for this situation. I do most of my practice like that anyways, so I could see that being a very effective strategy.
  15. I’d say keep on hand an extra extractor, extractor spring, trigger return spring, and maybe a locking block. I’ve seen 2 or 3 reports on Facebook and forums of people cracking the locking block on very high round count guns.
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