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  1. Charlie I am going off of things being taught in the RO and CRO seminars in addition to the rule book. I think the real issue here is partially, as you say, the glossary definition of sight picture, but also the definition of target. NROI is intending the sight picture concept in the rule book to mean you point the gun at something and look through the sights. Target is being interpreted more broadly than scoring or no shoot targets you’re supposed to shoot at. The glossary definition of target does not explicitly call out this version of target. Regardless, the real thing in the rule that makes this a DQ is not the sight picture, it’s the turning on of the dot at all. This is a specific example indicated in the rules as being either safety area or COF exclusive.
  2. Supervision in that rule is talking about supervision & control of the competitor during the COF. You may look down the sights / optic of the PCC at the safety area, or after "Make Ready" at the COF, but nowhere else. That includes at the sky, or even the berm where you can uncase it outside of the safety area.
  3. Taylor freelance already does this for Canik and Walther back straps.
  4. I moved both my holster and first mag pouch forward to approximately over the point of the hip bones. Then I added a bullets out magnet with the right edge of the pouch mount in line with the left edge of my fly. I also threw a Divtec magnet between that bullets out magnet and the holster to hold my shot timer.
  5. I get frustrated whenever I hear this myth that we need special divisions for those states. Rule 3.3.1 handles this across all divisions. L10 was started as a place to send the Single Stacks before Single Stack. Production was started for off the shelf guns, not to give 10-round states a division to play with. The capacity was an equalizer across a wide variety of models.
  6. Buddy of mine has a hat mount that mounts *above* the bill on the front of the hat.
  7. The website can also key off your member # if you set that up in your profile for a given sport. Also, if you changed USPSA membership types (annual to three or five year, or life member, you can set up to search by multiple member #s. I'm at 101 since 12/2017. Probably a few more than that where I didn't have a member # yet or didn't supply it.
  8. I should also be able to get you some brass with a bigger variety of headstamps, happy to contribute to the cause
  9. Save yourself a bunch of hassle. the factory screws strip the heads so fast. these torx ones should do the trick. M3 torx screws
  10. This is spot on. i also got diagnosed as an adult. Was treating with medication towards the end of college but stopped it when it caused other issues. I have been competing for about 4 years but always had issues motivating myself to practice, and I’d see my focus drift in and out throughout the match. I had a hard time being aware of what I was doing and being consistent. I went back on medication late last year. It’s taken some time to get used to how I process information. As long as I am intentional about where I want to focus my attention, I can get out there and practice and build skills and string together a good match.
  11. Maybe you could use a rubber band or something to hold it for a few mags to see if the issue stops before actually pinning it.
  12. My philosophy on this has changed as my amount of competition practice has ramped up. I had been carrying a P365 and then a P365 XL most of the time over the last ~ 3 years. Loved the size to capacity ratio which made me move away from having a micro compact (G43) and a bigger option (CZ PCR). During that period I was still going to the range just to shoot a variety of guns at least once or twice a week. As I started to take my training more seriously I found that such an overwhelming majority of my shooting is now structured practice… I’m spending that much time on a certain platform, and i shoot it extremely well… maybe I should standardize. Between that and getting better at the techniques of concealment, I now carry a bigger gun with minimal disruption. Since I shoot a Walther Q5 SF in matches, I got the Q4 SF for EDC. Both guns I’m using a dot, both 6moa, but I’m using an RMR for carry for durability reasons. I do still have a “lighter” option since it’s a heavy boy, but it’s just the compact Walther PDP so truly almost identical size, manual of arms, and accessories. Just polymer framed instead.
  13. But isn’t the relevant rule here. D4, D5, D7 20 are. under the old rules “magazines may not be retained by magnetic means”.
  14. A lee APP would probably be a good one for this purpose.
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