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Colt - MP5 Lower

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Colt pattern works well with good mags. They're as affordable as Glock mags, and they feed really well. I have a Spike's Colt mag lower that is great. 


For me the Colt mags insert into the gun and lock in place easier than the Glock mags, and the Colt mags have a way more reliable LRBHO.


Metalform mags work well for me. I have some ASC mags that I had to make work, took the coating off and used modified Metalform followers. The coating on the ASC mags is all but useless, and when removed, you have stainless mags that go into and drop from the gun nicely.

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I don't have any MP5 lower ARs but do have a couple MP5s. Reviews on the ETS 40 rounders have not been very good over at HKpro. HK 30 round mags work great, the 38 round USA made mags work great loaded to about 36. I have tried the F5 drums and they are hit and miss on feeding in MP5s. Beta mags are way to big but fun on FA if they run. 


MPX mags are expensive but can add base pads to hold 40 or 50 and work great. 

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