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Arredondo slide vs Dillon slide


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Alright, I ask this with out yet trying the Arredondo slide, all inquiry / ZERO bashing.  


I recently purchased a Arredondo slide as I shoot Shooters World Major Pistol powder and have notices some powder though out press components and shell plate. The reality is that I do not mind it as it not much and every three hundred rounds I air can blow it off. My real desire was to drop the .04 - .14 grain spreads I constantly get. I know +/- .1 grain it can be standard but coming from a precision rifle world I would like to attempt to achieve a bit tighter consistency meaning better ES and SD.


My new Arredondo powder slide seems of a lesser grade and quite honestly a bit flimsy. AGAIN I have not tried it and everything I have researched say they are great. Before I break down a not broken process, what makes them better that the "metal" Dillon slides??  The slide component inside the Arredondo is threaded and seems a lot easier to drift/give that the harder metal ones. Thanx Y'all!

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I have been using the Arradondo slide for about 20 years.  Great product.  BUT, do not use with any type of stick powder.  It will damage the charge bar.  For very fine flake and ball powders, it works really well.  A lot less sifting through of powder.

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Ive never been impressed with ANYTHING from Arradondo.
Also seems to be a solution looking for a problem. Nothing wrong with the Dillon system. Be consistent with your strokes, Shouldnt be that much variation. Ive been using a 550 for 30 plus years, still get single digit SD's in my pistol ammo with correct powder for the job. Honestly dont see how a gizmo slide can improve on that.

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I think it’s supposed to be flimsy as it is supposed to seal the channel better for small powder. 

I don’t own one and have found very few aftermarket parts useful on my Dillons. Only things I like are:

1. In-line fab case feeder stop

2. lvl 10 1050 Index spring system (seems like it will last longer than that small factory one)

3. any type of system that removes the main spring - not needed when running autodrive.

4. Case feed spill from Alpha D.

all those index balls and bearing kits are junk IMO. Snake oil...



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