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This brandis supposed to be imported in France at this end of this summer and the distributor is my principal sponsor.

I’ll have to equip it to make a full IPSC race gun.

wich modifications would you recommend?

i was thinking of an hiperfire trigger , but no real idea for the comp.

your advise is very welcome 

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I've got a matched upper and lower from them, Taccom Extreme bolt, a Ballistic Advantage barrel, and the Hyperfire 24C trigger. It's a better shooter than I am, runs like a Swiss watch, and eats everything I throw at it. The now have some "kits" that are ready to assemble and run.


Hope this helps.

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I have a two hyperfire triggers.  I like them.  I went from JP to them.  The light JP springs had some issues with harder primers and russian ammo.  Their lighter spring weight is ok, not as light as  my JPs.


Look at the new JP comps.  Very very nice.

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36 minutes ago, Glouglou said:

I’m very interested by this particular point because I’m lefty...

wich brands will work? 

copied from Hiperfire's website

Safety/Selectors: HIPERFIRE® knows of six safety selectors that will not work with HIPERTOUCH® 24 series triggers:

  1. Seekins Precision Ambi Safety (60 and 90 deg throws)
  3. Elftmann Slide Safety Selector
  4. Talon Ambidextrous 45/90 Safety Selector – Tungsten Grey 2 Lever
  5. BAD-CASS or BAD-ASS Short Throw Safety Selector
  6. KE Arms Ambi Safety Selector (45/90 deg throws)
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Odinworks AMS ambi works also. That's the one I used. I could  only get it to work with the 45 degree setting, not the 90.


Also you can use anti rotation pins, it'll change the trigger feel a bit. But I kept snapping the wimpie hammer pins.  I'm using KNS. 

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On 4/28/2020 at 1:33 AM, Glouglou said:

A friend of mine just talk to me about the elftman ambi safety?

what do you think about it?

I love the Elftmann ambi speed safety (push button style instead of swivel). A lot of AR fanboys will tell you that it's a gimmick, it's unnecessary, etc., but it's just because they're traditionalists.

In my opinion, on a civilian semiauto gun, where there is no capability to switch between single shot, burst, & full auto, there is no need for a swivel style selector safety. The push-button safety makes more sense. It's either on safe or it's on fire. That's it.

It's also more ergonomic/faster, IMO.

However, be warned that the Elftmann safety doesn't work with the Hyperfire triggers.

I use it with the TriggerTech Diamond trigger on 3 different guns and have no issues.

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