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Good outdoor range for 3 gun/PCC/etc. practice in central FL?

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Anyone know of a good outdoor location to do some 3 gun/PCC/USPSA open/carry optics/etc. practice in the central Florida area? (Tampa, Orlando, etc.)

Looking for somewhere with steel targets or at least somewhere where you can setup steel targets. Something where you can get some semi-realistic practice in, setup chronos, etc.

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Central Florida R&P Club near the Orlando airport is great, but you have to be a member, and

it is 100 miles from you.


In the Tampa area, there are a number of good ranges (WAC, etc), but I believe most of them

require you to be a member, also.


I'd find the nearest range to you (USPSA.org) and find out about membership fees.


Doubt that any ranges open to the public would permit holster work.


There is a range in Brooksville , just a little north of Tampa, open to the public, but, again,

I doubt they would allow holster work.  If they're still there - been five years since I've

been there.


What matches are you currently attending ?


Good luck with it.

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To the extent of my knowledge, there is no public range in Central  Florida that will allow you to do what you want to do. For obvious liability reasons, public ranges are not allowing randoms off the street to pay $20 and set up a 32 round field course.  Unless you have access to private land, you are going to need to join a club.  Even with some of the member only ranges, there are restrictions. I would check the rules at WAC and Guncraft as they are more convenient to you in Tampa. Universal is a great facility, not sure of their member rules either.


Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club is great but a bit far from you.  They allow what you are seeking.  However, I believe last shots are at 5pm or so. They have ROs on property at all times.  This is the deal breaker for me as it eliminates the possibility of shooting after work


CFRPC (I am a member) allows holster work, steel etc. on the action range after you have become a member and then taken a secondary qualification.  Slightly annoying bur totally worth it.  Range is open sunrise to sunset. Only issue here is that you have to get creative if you want to build a mini practice stage.  The only thing that they provide are target sticks

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