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  1. coryf

    Grayguns trigger kit?

    Thanks guys for the replies. I signed up for the alerts probably 3-4 weeks ago. Hopefully I didn't miss it somehow.
  2. coryf

    Grayguns trigger kit?

    Anyone have info on when the grayguns trigger kits will be back in stock? I heard a rumor it was going to be sometime last week. Anyone have an extra kit they would like to sell? Looking for the straight trigger version.
  3. I recently switched from a 90 c-more to a Romeo 1 with the 6 moa dot. I really like it so far. Super bright in direct sunlight. Seems very well made.
  4. Just received a factory extended mag release from eagle imports for the XT. Give them a call to order. The customer service with eagle imports has been fantastic!. Another great reason to shoot this gun.
  5. Leadstar Arms will custom anodize one of their AR9's for you. Give Richard or Derek there a call. I really like the anno finish verses cerakote. Looks much better IMO. https://www.leadstararms.com/ My Brothers build from leadstar:
  6. Does anyone know where to buy the factory extended mag release? I found this: https://bersa.eagleimportsinc.com/bersa/shop/bersa-parts/thunder-pro-series/thunder-9mm-high-capacity-matte-pro-parts/magazine-catch But am unsure this is the correct part.
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