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  1. I shoot both CO and open. CO wasn't around when I started so at that time I just jumped into open because it looked like the most fun. I think if CO had been around then though I would have went that direction. Like has been stated before I like CO because: mostly "off the shelf" so very reliable, cheap ammo, "cheap" to get into. But Open is where its at! It is a ton of fun to shoot. Yes you will have some reliability issues every now and then, have to tinker with setup, load spec, ect….. But "getting into it" like that is half the fun. If you can swing it financially, my vote is open. The reason most of us do this is to have fun and shooting what you think is cool is a big part of it.
  2. another angle of the current USA
  3. What am I missing? This is the current USA. Looks pretty much the same?
  4. Yes, that's the same holster as the current USA. Thanks for posting the link.
  5. I really like the Universal Shooting Academy holster. I switched from the cr speed. Locks in well, and the draw is very smooth. It has a very cool roller magnet set up. I occasionally get it hung up when I'm not tidy and pull it forward a tad on the draw (not the holsters fault) but other than that it is fantastic.
  6. coryf

    Scope help

    John, I have a 90 cmore mount and optic ready to bolt on if you would like to borrow it until you can get something figured out. Also have an upright c-more mount if that would help as well. Send me a text if you need it. You probably have my number in an old pm.
  7. Cheely E2 on both my open guns. It went straight on my sti frame with no extra fiting needed.
  8. As George stated above to get the trigger work done. I chose the Grey guns because it was less expensive and I didn't have to ship the gun back and forth to sig armorer but for sure I lIked the armorer trigger better. I borrowed a x5 from my friend for several matches that had trigger job before buying my own.
  9. The order of preferred trigger feel for me: Sig Armorer > Grey Guns > Legion > X5 The Sig Armorer trigger job had a sharper/cleaner break. The grey guns is pretty close but still behind with a more "rounded" break in my amateur opinion. I have the grey guns on my standard x5.
  10. X5 legion (or x5 with tungsten grip) Is hard to beat for the money imo. Just my .2
  11. https://precisiononeammunition.com/product-category/ammunition/pistol/competition-pistol/9mm/ Their 124 are very soft through my x5. They do make minor pf though so might not be what you are looking for. The price I thought was very good as well.
  12. I jumped into open probably too soon but part of it for me was just shooting what I thought was fun. If I had to do it over today I would go with CO. It's super fun to shoot, easy to buy off the shelf ammo, and is reliable with no tweaking or tinkering. Like what has been posted above, stick with what you have for a few matches then consider CO. Pick up a sig x5 legion, put a Romeo 1pro on it and go have some fun.
  13. I went from a 90 cmore to a Romeo 1 based on the suggestion of my shooting coach. Was worried at first but now really like the more unobstructed view. The height above the bore is much lower than the original vertical mount cmore so it feels more like a 90 to me.
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