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  1. Very nice! Have all ways been a fan of the Limcat's.
  2. One of my instructors split it up as 70 percent weak, 30 percent strong. When I tightened up my weak hand the dot on my open gun was much more trackable. It went straight up and back down to poi as opposed to wiggling all over the place before settling back.
  3. From the description on the springer website its states that "17 rd mags do require the legion basepad". I guess the benefit over the factory magwell is less weight? Maybe to tune the overall weight to 45oz but not sure I would personally do it with a lighter magwell.
  4. Romeo1 is my vote. I wanted the site as low to the slide as possible. It was much easier for me to pick up the dot.
  5. Very cool! Should be one of the best (if not the best) choices for idpa CO.
  6. I run a Romeo 1 on both my CO and open guns. 6moa. So far reliable, and one of the brightest dots I have seen. Easy to see in direct sun which is very important where I shoot most often.
  7. 5.11 pants and shorts. Super comfortable, great pockets and durable.
  8. Not a bad idea. Individual gun technical issues would still be better served in the specific brand forum I would think but it would be nice to have a generic CO forum. It's becoming a very popular class locally. Esp in IDPA.
  9. coryf

    inside a MRD

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  10. Take a look at Brazos Customs as well. Earlier this year I took delivery on one of the USA pro series models. It was a combined effort between Frank Garcia from Universal shooting Academy and Bob from Brazos. Both have seen and shot it all over the years and this was what they chose to build. If you want the USA (Universal Shooting Academy) version you have to order through Frank at Universal. I believe my second choice would have been a Honcho. I switched from 9mm major to 38 super. Less snappy, and flatter shooting than my 9 is. (my amateur opinion). I also switched from a 90 c-more to a Sig Romeo 1 with 6 moa dot. It sits low against the slide, super bright even in direct sun, and for me I was wanting a more consistent site picture with my CO set up. (Sig x5 with Romeo 1).
  11. You probably already know but Universal Shooting Academy is close to Orlando in Frostproof. Top level training for sure. If they can't take care of the gunsmith work I'm sure they know who can in the area. http://universalshootingacademy.com/ Frank Garcia and Shannon Smith are the primary instructors. Both world class shooters.
  12. I use my normal prescription glasses with transition lenses. No problems at all. Current red dot is a Romeo 1 with 6moa.
  13. serrated lock washer if the bolt can accommodate. https://www.mcmaster.com/serrated-lock-washers or blue loctite giving it enough time to set
  14. IDPA is another excuse for me to hear the gun go bang. I have no visions of being a world champion, just want to have some fun. No doubt the strategy is different but its fun to change up how you approach the stages.
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