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Q5 match polymer role now?


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Seems like since the SF came out, there’s no love left for the polymer. Starting to see lower and lower prices on the used market. Seems like a good way to start in CO or production and/or at least, possibly, a great house gun (with a light trigger). 


Thoughts? Came across a Match with 3 mags, additional Walther magwell and +2 basepads for under 6. I think we’ll see more of this. 


(Me? I’ll either grab it or put the cash towards something like a new metal gun like a Stock II just for fun.)

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I shot my old match gun( Q5 polymer) side by side with new Q5sf (changed 13lb wolf recoil spring/ tr spring), can only feel a little softer but not much, Stock 2 and Shadow 2 are much sofer.. But in same level (Stock 2, shadow 2, G34, Q5 match etc) I think the soft gun is just easy to shoot, but not guarantee you a better score. Q5 match poly is still a competitive reliable gun..

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I have owned a polymer Q5 for two years and shot a SF model along side mine and I didn't care for the SF at all.

I have smaller hands and the polymer version fits me much better. Hopefully they won't discontinue it.  It is a great pistol

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