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  1. What power factor are you trying to load? When I started using P Delta 180 gr. RNFP I was loading 3.5 gr. of N320 @ 1.145 OAL and getting a soft shooting load at a Power Factor of 134.1. The barrel of you Glock and your magazine .will determine what length you need to load at. I load my 1911 to 1.165 and my STI to 1.180. I load 4.1 gr. to get 130 PF with the STI. That is with a P. Delta 180 gr, JHP.
  2. Yes my retainer plates are plastic. I believe they are the same, but Tripp can verify.
  3. Call or email Tripp. I had an issue with a follower and they were very helpful and got me a replacement quickly. Do your mags have the plastic base pads. I have the optional metal base pads and they are really tight.
  4. I only run a bore snake and dry patch.
  5. If you load minor power factor and do not run a comp will a full metal jacket bullet with an exposed lead base cause problems? I have a Walther Q5 and just recently purchased a Jarvis barrel. In order to get my reloads to P&S I have to load to an OAL of 1.095 with my Blue Bullets 135 gr. TC bullets. I used to load at 1.135 with my factory barrel. I had Precision Delta 124 gr. RN FMJ i have used for my 1911 and I had one left. Because of its profile I can load them at 1.150 and P&S in the Jarvis barrel. I have a 100 rounds of the Blue Bullets loaded up at 1.095 to check for feeding issues next week if I have feeding issues is ther a problem with going to a FMJ round? I clean my barrels after every 500 rounds. Thanks in Advance.
  6. I have a Comp-Tac holster for my Q5 and it says the same thing as yours on the front, and it fits perfectly. I have had it for a while and I really like it. I even have a Leupold DP on it. If you have already tried adjusting it I would contact Comp-Tac and see what they say.
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