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  1. I have a dry fire routine I do before every practice. I do that same routine before a match, it helps me get in the right mindset.
  2. Eric also talked about prepping the trigger in his course. He waits until he is bringing the gun on target before he starts prepping the trigger. This goes for turning off the safety as well. Why risk a DQ and losing your match fees, hotel and travel expenses, as he put it.
  3. I just took the Eric Grauffel training course this past weekend. We had this same discussion. He basically said he doesn't use the scoop draw because it doesn't guarantee a perfect grip every time. If he can't replicate a technique with 100% consistency in a match under stress he won't use it.
  4. In Canada you can pick up the polymer version used for less than half the price of the steel frame version. For a gun that is relatively cheap, accurate, optic ready and super reliable the polymer frame is still a great deal.
  5. I finally got out to test my rounds through my Q5. I was f*#king around with my crimp and I had slightly over crimped a few rounds in the batch(I'm a reloading noob). Not sure if that would account for the couple of 1100+ fps rounds. All in all it's a soft shooting round with great accuracy. 124gn Campro CPRN 3.7gn Titegroup 1.1 OAL Federal Primers
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