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  1. Yes they are plated. I crimp just enough to take the flare out around .3765 on a 124gr 9mm.
  2. This is probably a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyways. Is it ok to reseat an already loaded round? I just need the round to be about .02 shorter. The round is loaded light so the extra pressure from a shorter OAL isn't an issue. I just loaded a ton of rounds for my 9mm 1911 so I loaded them a bit long. Got a new gun and the longer round doesn't quite plunk. I only have a square deal B so it would save me a ton of time just reseating the rounds I have.
  3. That is one sweet PPQ. Your grip tape job is phenomenal.
  4. I'd be interested to hear what your Shadow 1 round is making out of your Q5. Check out the thread below for load data. I know I load my rounds .3gr - .4gr lighter than my buddies Shadow 1 round. We are both running 124gr bullets. You only shot with the optic 4 or 5 times?! That's nothing. It took me 4 or 5 months to get used to the dot. My stages would consist of lots of pauses followed by a string of curse words as I tried to find the dot. I even some how confused the red fiber front sight for the dot once. Once I got my grip and focus down it became way easier.
  5. Are you running factory ammo or reloads? Factory ammo comes out of the Q5 hot. The Q5s barrel is really fast so you can load your rounds light. I run a stock Q5 with ammo that makes around 133-134 pf. My splits irons vs optic are about the same up close, the edge goes to the irons. My splits at distance are much faster with the optic hands down. The extra weight of the optic + plate isn't really noticeable to me. How long have you been shooting with the optic?
  6. I agree with Tictacticaltimmy, it's a training issue. It took me awhile to get used to shooting with a dot and not lose it everytime I pull the trigger.
  7. I have a dry fire routine I do before every practice. I do that same routine before a match, it helps me get in the right mindset.
  8. Eric also talked about prepping the trigger in his course. He waits until he is bringing the gun on target before he starts prepping the trigger. This goes for turning off the safety as well. Why risk a DQ and losing your match fees, hotel and travel expenses, as he put it.
  9. I just took the Eric Grauffel training course this past weekend. We had this same discussion. He basically said he doesn't use the scoop draw because it doesn't guarantee a perfect grip every time. If he can't replicate a technique with 100% consistency in a match under stress he won't use it.
  10. In Canada you can pick up the polymer version used for less than half the price of the steel frame version. For a gun that is relatively cheap, accurate, optic ready and super reliable the polymer frame is still a great deal.
  11. I finally got out to test my rounds through my Q5. I was f*#king around with my crimp and I had slightly over crimped a few rounds in the batch(I'm a reloading noob). Not sure if that would account for the couple of 1100+ fps rounds. All in all it's a soft shooting round with great accuracy. 124gn Campro CPRN 3.7gn Titegroup 1.1 OAL Federal Primers
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