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Considering Trying USPSA revolver - Questions from new shooter


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I recently moved to Alaska and picked up a S&W 629 w/ 5" barrel full lug.  There is a local club and I am wondering if I can shoot this gun in USPSA?  I am not great at competitive shooting and have done 3 or 4 USPSA matches with production semi autos (years ago) and a few dozen IDPA matches w/ SSP semi autos.  I have never shot revolver competitively. 


I am wondering if I can shoot the 629 in revolver major with .44 specials (I think I can judging by ammo power factor calculations and my limited understanding of the rules).  I have a safariland OWB holster for it, 5 HKS speedloaders, and 5 kydex speedloader pouches.  This gives me 36 rounds, and from looking at my local club's recent stages, I will need all 5 reloads pretty regularly.


Can anyone with a better grasp of the rules tell me if I can shoot this.  I fully expect to be the slowest shooter but I am working on my dry fire and reloads with Steve Anderson's book.  I know it's not a gamer gun at all but I just wanted to use USPSA to help gain proficiency and have some fun since it is my trail gun.  


I also have a 327 8 shot but it had to be left in the L48 for now, might have it shipped to me later.  It's probably a better option overall to just shoot minor with that, luckily all the gear is cross-compatible.  


Thanks in advance.







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There is nothing stopping you! I don’t know if you handload or not but i’d Try and find a load that makes major power factor and not much more and use that. When you make ready you could probably just plop six rounds in by hand and save the speed loaders for the stage reloads.


I mean that there is. Or rule that prevents you from doing so. The 327 would be much better (assuming it’s cut for moon clips). You won’t be reloading anywhere near the speed of a 625 with moon clips but make good hits and you’ll have a good time! 

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Have fun with it! I shoot an S&W 4" 67 for fun several times a year. My squad usually ends up cheering and laughing watching me drop speedloader, after speed loader, after speedloader (I carry 6 plus a full gun), while they are shooting 20+ round Limited guns. GREAT fun!


I think the wheel-gun makes you a better shooter too, you REALLY work on your trigger control and sight alignment...

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