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Springs for 625JM


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I have replaced the springs in my 625JM.  I used the Miculek mainspring and a #14 rebound spring from Wilson Combat.  I have also taken a saw and file to the hammer and cut the spur off.  I also took an Arkansas stone and smoothed out inside the action and added a little oil (something they don't seem fond of at the factory).  I did NOT touch the sear surfaces, I'm not there yet.


I'm getting reliable ignition after a little experimentation.  I am also not short stroking the trigger, which was an issue with the lighter spring.  I shot it in a very casual match the other evening and like it a bunch.  It's good enough for this guy.  That said, am I missing anything else?  

Thanks in advance.

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A good thing about revolvers is you can dry fire the heck out of them.   Make it a routine to dry fire a few hundred times a night.  You will soon get use to that heavy trigger pull.  Years ago at the IRC there was a huge stage.  I don't remember how many rounds but it was more than we normally shoot at one time.  Many of the shooters had to slow way down on the final 12 shots just to get their hits.  By dry firing so much it becomes that much easier.

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11 hours ago, Tampa-XD45 said:

Chamfer the cylinder.  Here's a before & after pic of my 625 cylinder.



Done.  I almost forgot as I did it a good while ago.  When I first bought the gun.  Thank you.


@AzShooter I am trying to do that in the morning but am not as diligent as I should be.  I will attempt to be more consistent.  Thank you.

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