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Thureon Defense Competition PCC

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I've shot 5k rounds through mine without a single problem.  It's light and very accurate.  It will except any loads that I have tried including factory or reloads. I have settled on 135G Bayou's and 3.0 WSF.  But Winchester White Box also runs great. The trigger is 3 lbs from the factory.  It comes with a hard case, a soft case and a 31 round magazine.  For south paws they will build it as a left hand version at no additional charge.  It's got a very thin forearm and is very light.  I couldn't be happier with it.

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8 hours ago, cecil said:

good looking PCC..   will keep this in mind … I shoot L.H … wonder how long of a wait time to get one ?



My FFL ordered mine (right handed) and my shooting buddies which is a left handed model. We had them in a week.  No extra charge for the left hand model.

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3 hours ago, TonytheTiger said:

Rob Tate was bringing a few out to local matches last year and letting everyone put a mag through. I was impressed with both function, simplicity and accuracy. Aesthetics not as much but thats neither here nor there.


It's also lighter than most AR based PCC's and will cycle really low PF loads.  

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Love mine...its the ugly NYS compliant version with a 19" no thread barrel. Shoots everything decent (17types so far)  shoots MOA at 100 with most 115gr,and a little better with 124gr.  The only down side is sight in at 100 yds with 115 grain and the drop with 124 is about 20" from dead on...Odd!!!

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