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Magazine issue with STI DVC Carry


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I recently got a few new 120mm magazines. Two of them will cause the slide to lock back with a round in them. It does not seem to matter how many rounds are in those mags to start with.


Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Thanks in advance.

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Purely an issue with the interface between the followers and slide stop.


Different followers designed to have the "shelf" that engages the stop sit lower is one solution.

Another is using a different slide stop as Trace mentioned above.

You can also buy aftermarket 126mm mags with wedge basepads from MBX and go that route.

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3 hours ago, Moloch38 said:

Would be interested to know for sure, I was planning to shoot CCP with one for fun.

I’ve never tried an actual box but have used calipers set to the box dimensions and my Tactical 4.0 (modified to accept a 120mm magazine) was too tall. The Ambi safeties make them a bit too wide as well.

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