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  1. Honcho carry???? More information please!!!!
  2. I tried the Nelson wide body mags with a Tac Sol kit and Nelson kit but unfortunately I couldn’t get them reliable.
  3. Wow, same here, last week of June!
  4. Mine should arrive in the next couple of weeks. I’ll chime in then.
  5. I’m seriously considering an aluminum aggressive E2 for my Marauder at the moment and agree with your observations. I have about 500 rounds through my new Titan and unfortunately it has nearly ruined my Marauder bliss..... I’m eyeballing grips, triggers, and ignition components to bring the STI up to speed, in a manner of speaking. I may be better off just putting that money towards another Atlas though.
  6. I never had my STI (plastic grip) stick on me. I’ve had the PT stick a time or two but not to the point where I gave myself a wedgie (like forgetting to take off the safety on the Alpha). I find this holster and Evo grip combination a bit more sensitive to the angle of my draw but I haven’t had a problem with it after a few dry fire sessions.
  7. I used the PT insert with my STI while my Titan was being built. Strangely, the PT block fits my STI better than the PT Evo on my Titan?!?! Also, I bought the thigh pad when I ordered my Alpha X but found it created a hot spot for me. But you’ll never know till you try it for yourself.
  8. I’ve never tried an actual box but have used calipers set to the box dimensions and my Tactical 4.0 (modified to accept a 120mm magazine) was too tall. The Ambi safeties make them a bit too wide as well.
  9. I don’t think it would fit into the CCP box anyway.
  10. Let’s not forget the “Magnum PI” model too.
  11. Could you elaborate a bit on the kind of problems your friends had? I have a Titan coming soon and have high hopes as it will be the most expensive firearm purchase I’ve ever made.
  12. Should be Stock Service Pistol if you run it as it came from the box.
  13. I put a deposit down for a Titan in November and am really excited about trying limited major. I’ve been using my 9mm Marauder, shooting minor, and those alpha charlies hurt!!! Unfortunately, I missed out on the Flash Friday mag deal and must admit it stings a bit!! Two more magazines would have been awesome!!!
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