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  1. Bluemooncricket

    Lube for 1911?

    I like Lucas Extreme fan.
  2. Bluemooncricket

    M&P 2.0 5" in IDPA

    Should be Stock Service Pistol if you run it as it came from the box.
  3. Bluemooncricket

    New Atlas recommendations

    I put a deposit down for a Titan in November and am really excited about trying limited major. I’ve been using my 9mm Marauder, shooting minor, and those alpha charlies hurt!!! Unfortunately, I missed out on the Flash Friday mag deal and must admit it stings a bit!! Two more magazines would have been awesome!!!
  4. Bluemooncricket


    I’m using a Springfield Armory Range Officer lower with Nelson Custom conversion.
  5. Bluemooncricket

    Carry holster for STI Tactical 4.15

    Garret Industries and Pure Kustom if you’re looking for leather.
  6. Bluemooncricket

    2211 frame damp cut

    I have run a 2211 upper on STI and Springfield Armory frames, both of which I believe are W/N cuts.
  7. Bluemooncricket

    Concern about new STI DVC

    I must admit I’ve been hesitant to commit to the Hex Tac I’ve been eyeballing because of the direction the company has been heading. I feel like qc and customer service has slipped a step.
  8. Bluemooncricket

    STI Tactical 4.0 recoil system

    I’d be interested in this as well. I’m not sure why but I’m not really fond of the recoil master. A flat wire recoil spring and flgr seem like a simple setup.....and simple is good.
  9. Bluemooncricket

    Wilson Combat and CCP

    That makes two of us. I’m just about ready to purchase an EDC X9 for carry and would love to use it in CCP. However, my Springfield Range Officer Compact with magwell gets it done very nicely!!!
  10. Bluemooncricket

    1911 Mag Pouches

    I like my racers. I have the doublestack with single stack adapters.
  11. Bluemooncricket

    PSA AR-9 complete on sale for $550

    I’m not sure of their build dates but they were purchased last year.
  12. Bluemooncricket

    PSA AR-9 complete on sale for $550

    I have heard of chamber issues from two fellow competitors. One was using factory 147 gr Lawmen and the other tried his reloads made for a G17. I believe their problems were mostly chamber freebore related. Many times PCC barrels have short throats that cause issues with longer OAL ammo. I personally have a KVP barreled upper that needed finish reaming to run anything but the shortest self defense bullets. One guy ended up returning his for a refund and the other is trying to get his worked out with help from a PSA employee.
  13. Bluemooncricket

    2011 .22 conversion

    Did you use the Brazos “Pro Series” ignition kit that is already prepped and polished? If so, did you have to do anything to set it up or did it pretty much drop in?
  14. Bluemooncricket

    springfield commander upgrades

    I actually found the FBI slide lock recess to be beneficial during unload and show clear. Racking the slide with my trigger finger on the frame was causing me to press the slide stop out and lock up the action. I always thought it was a cosmetic upgrade before my first match. Now I see the point.
  15. Bluemooncricket

    New from Wilson

    I believe the spec is 1.4" wide. CCP maximum is 1.375". Height and length would be ok. This size would make for an excellent carry piece though.