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  1. Or the Cop does....like the one who recently couldn't unload my DVC-C because it had the safety on. Got awkward quick when I had to show him how...
  2. I know someone at that match that shoots a Thompson for giggles and has won.
  3. Super helpful, thanks! Gemtech folks have always been good dudes, have been fortunate to shoot with a few back in the day.
  4. Glad to hear it. Are you using the 11.5 gunner barrel? This is the one Faxon recommended over the 10.5. Do you mind if I ask what can you are using and if you like it? It would likely be majority suppressed, but you never know. All my can experience is with surefire cans from my AD days, they were great, but very heavy. I would like to try and find a lighter can, but still keep the overall length down. Still always be shooting with Peltors so noise isn't as much the issue as is muzzle blast in CQB spaces.
  5. I appreciate the feedback. I would definitely be using an adjustable gas block. I spoke to Faxon and they thought it would work fine that way and recommended the 11.5 gunner barrel.
  6. I recently purchased a Faxon 5500 and put an Atlas S handguard on it. I love how lightweight it is with the pencil barrel and would love to do a SBR variant. Can I run a 11.5 pencil barrel with their lightened bolt or am I going to run into gas issues? I'd be running a suppressor, but I don't have any experience with suppressors and the lightened BCGs.
  7. I would wait if you can, looks like Atlas is about to announce a new model this week? Not sure exactly what it is, but probably worth the wait to see what's up.
  8. No issues with mine, using the MOS version.
  9. Moloch38

    downside to MOS?

    Taran makes Gen5 MOS sights now for if are are using an RMR. Worked great for me.
  10. Moloch38

    downside to MOS?

    Its been argued to death earlier, but I don't think higher sights are an issue for your application. Mags, sights, etc are compatible, as is the ambi mag release and if you move to a full length guide rod w/insert. The slide stop is Gen 5 only and magwell needs to be Gen 5 as it is a wider gun (would squeeze the grip too much to not drop mags). I would check triggers, I got a Gen 5 trigger, but the trigger bar, springs, etc all seem the same. Plunger geometry is different.
  11. One glock does, the others do not, I get dragging on them all. G19, G19MOS, G34
  12. Anyone having issues with the mags dragging in the last 1/3 of the pistol grip? Happens on almost all mags some worse than others on two G19s and a G34. I'm worries when I'm gripping hard it is going to not let empty mags drop at all.
  13. What spring do you recommend on a G19 Gen 5 with a tungsten guide rod?
  14. No remolding, ready to go out of the box, get the 6-inch. [Pistol Coffin 3 Gun Holster] PC-2011-6in-RH STI 2011 6" - Right Hand
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