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PCC “Minimum” Capacity for USPSA

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3 hours ago, MemphisMechanic said:

It comes down to whether you:


1) still roll the gun from your shoulder, angle the magwell like a pistol, and feed the magazine with index finger down spine of it. Treating it like a pistol.




2) load it like an actual rifle shooter. Grip the long mag in a beer can grip and feed it into the magwell without breaking the gun from your shoulder. This method works best with a 33rd Glock mag, or longer. You aren’t to feed a shorter mag this way because your fist will hit the magwell.


The PCC national champ loading like mad:



This guy is a freaking alien

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I run a 31 rd glock mag with an MBX "Mini" attached.  I usually load only 40 rounds in it, and it is perfect for nearly every USPSA stage.  I carry 31 rounders with MBX +6 pads for my backups.  For classifiers, I like the Magpul 21 round mags.  They  are short enough to reload easily, and they are big enough to get a good "beer can" grip on them.

my $.02

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4 hours ago, polymerfeelsweirdman said:

Do the Glock big sticks still run if you put a +6 extension like an arredondo or tti without a new spring?

The 3 that I have do.

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