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  1. Rocking the JP Trigger. Absolutely love it.
  2. I really like both the Agula 124 and the American Eagle 124
  3. filed down the inside of my glock mags and was able to get it loaded just fine. its an issue with the follower hanging up from when the mag transverses into the mag extension.
  4. I wish 300 was not a big deal.
  5. That is what happened. We tested mulitple uppers, bolts, rails, and etc. Even a MBX rail/bolt/upper that were provided by MBX.
  6. Part of the test was using the ammo that MBX provided me to perform the test with.
  7. I personally watched Mac-PCC shoot a .6" group with the barrel and scope. With my new JP rifle, shooting Blazer Brass, just propping the front of the rifle, I shot a .5" group at 25 yards.
  8. I can not speak for the other guys. I bought this barrel due to the lightweight attributes of it and a recommendation from someone else. The other 2 purchasers of these barrels I do not know, until now. I am 3.5 hours away from those who have bought the other 2 barrels in question. The only person I knew, was someone who knew those guys and passed the recommendation onto them. I don't have the kind of money to buy a bunch of barrels and test them out to figure out which one I wanted. I wish I did.
  9. While the information is being compiled and sent to MBX. Here are a few pics from the results. This was shot with the provided MBX upper, mbx new barrel, mbx rail, using the 124g JHP MBX Loaded ammo This is using a different upper, mbx barrel, and midwest industries rail. and here is the results with the fiocchi ammo. same gun setup as the above. Only change was the ammo. The Black barrel, which was one of the ones that was sent back, and then return to the owner by MBX shot the following. Black Barrel, Milspec Upper, and midwest industries rail Black Barrel, milspec upper, midwest industries rail All of these test were done with 5 shot groups. 3 different shooters shot the builds with very similar results.
  10. Test results are coming soon from independent test. As a quick rundown. When shot with 124g Precision Delta ammunition supplied by MBX, the new barrel that was sent from MBX shot like a champ. 0.60" groupings. The same gun, same shooter with Winchester White box, shot in the realm of 1.5" groupings. Fiocchi shot a 1.86" group at 25 yards. This was the most common theme across the board with all ammo types tested and barrels tested, regardless of the upper/rail/bolt combination. We found that no matter what shooter, or what setup. the 124 Precision Delta JHP, Hand loads, that mbx supplied, shot very tight groups. All other factory ammo shot 1.5" or greater groups.
  11. my question to you is, why did you go from a JP barrel to the MBX?
  12. I feel like it is something with our setup. But......our setups are drastically different IIRC.
  13. I don't doubt their results. But that video sounded like a big F you to us having issues with our barrel. Saying our claims are false. Saying that you have to have someone behind the gun that can shoot. I'm going to be shooting my own video where I put my MBX barrel in. Shoot it. Then instal the JP barrel and shoot it. IF the MBX barrel still behaves in the manner that it did when I first had it installed. It will go back to MBX. I will say this. A lot of this could have been resolved a lot faster over the phone. Instead of forums and email.
  14. I too shot multiple boxes of factory ammo. Same result. I was using a holosun 510c
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