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Tungsten XD Tactical Guide Rod


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The only ones currently on the market as a complete guide rod are available from PistolGear and are for the XD45 Tactical and the XD Mod2/XDM. Both styles out of stock currently.




Springer Precision makes a tungsten insert, but I believe it is only for the XDM.

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Buy two 1/8" tungsten welding rods. Cut to length (each rod will give you two pieces). Rough up the inside of the guide rod with a chainsaw file. Fill with epoxy (I used Gorilla brand) and insert the four tungsten rods. The rods will fit tight with no wiggle. Wait 24 hours. Shoot.

This is heavier than the stainless steel guide rod. Total cost $8.00.

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On ‎1‎/‎29‎/‎2019 at 11:20 PM, Demp223 said:

I purchased tungsten rod .300 diameter. 

12” rod  for $100. Able to make 4 inserts for several XDm’s. 2.7oz per insert slides right into stock guide rod. Had a bit left over to make additional weights for inside grip covers. 

I know this thread is old and being re visited.


We're did you buy the 12" tungsten rod? 

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