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  1. Pic was before opening up notch
  2. I did the fully adjustable one from CZCustom. I also opened up rear notch to .160 width so I had better spacing with front .095 Dawson front. RT hand Left eye dominant so wider overall rear blade helps with ghost image of front.
  3. Duluth Flex series pants or shorts. . They have heavy cargo down to light weight fast dry thickness fabric as well as various pocket options.
  4. Peltor Tactical 500 with gunfighters gel cups. 26 db protection and very good electronics for talking plus Bluetooth. very comfortable. Bulkier than sordins but my ears are protected and no ringing end of day without having to double up like with sordins. Peltors also great indoors
  5. If you want the trigger to break as far forward as possible you don’t want the RRK kit. Unless you want the flat trigger than you’ll need RRK kit to have correct operation of trigger swing. . But the end result will be same as stock. I’d recommend taking measurements of your pistol and compare to both mine before and after. Each has full trigger kit with RRK kit.
  6. If you want the trigger moved back so it is easier to reach, IE shorter in DA and SA then the Reach Reduction Kit is your answer. And the flat trigger has to be used with the RRK. However because the face is flat compared to curved you end up with face of trigger same distance as stock curve rd trigger face. So it’s a wash. mod you want the trigger to break earlier and reset quicker then the trigger kit and RRK with fitted disconnector will help that with either trigger.
  7. CFE Pistol. 4.0 grains 1.135 OAL. 147flat point SNS or Gallant .356 920-930 fps out of 5” barrel at 3k elevation slower burning than TG and i rally like the slide action. Cleans up off pistol fairly easy as well.
  8. I played with mine also like that for a bit just to try it just because that was my first and only “competition” pistol and was shooting limited major to start. Wanted to try production and figured why not load it down. 180s at around 730 fps. Cycled fine with both 14-16lb recoil spring but ran 16lb mostly for quicker slide back on target. Fun experiment and if the 5.25 40 was my only gun I’d recommend doing it as you could go from production minor bunny fart loads and right back to limited Major with ease.
  9. Hit the range today and put a couple hundred rounds on each pistol. Running a variety of drills. Splits and accuracy are still spot on as with 85 trigger so no issue with pull. It feels good under recoil. It’s a keeper.
  10. Put a couple hundred rounds down range tonight on both pistols. Definitely like the flat trigger better than curved 85. It’s a keeper for me.
  11. That has been my only complaint with S2 was how far back full pull was. 2mm doesn’t seem like much but when your finger is past 90 at least for me I don’t care for it.
  12. Same here. After shooting brothers Sig X5 I really liked the flat trigger. Small investment honestly to see if I like it or not on my competition and carry gun. So far with dry fire I like it.
  13. And that’s why I posted the numbers so others can compare their specs and know what to expect. Anyone using same kit should be very similar. Hoping it helps others make an informed decision. For me as much as I like the RRK position in DA I wasn’t happy with the SA position on S2 compared to my P01 SA position. Now I have the correct S2 SA position and basically back to stock on DA. Considering I spend way more time in SA that’s more important. Already dry fired about 400 times tonight and it’s very comfortable pull.
  14. In anticipation of CZC new flat trigger, I decided to spec out measurements on my S2 and P01 until they arrived. Both have full CGW trigger kits with RRK and trigger set screws set with a hair of pre and overtravel. Put a mark on back of frame and one on trigger shoe, parallel with slide so I can be as accurate as possible for distance from front of trigger face to back of frame. Measured Distance from DA position, SA position, fired position, and distance where trigger resets. Definite difference in S2 with the addition of sear with the fitted disconnector. Less overtravel and quicker reset by half. I purposely gave more room on S2 reset for gunk and grime build up instead of keeping it at the 1mm range and that’s also where like to run my 1911s. 2-7-2020. Flat trigger installed in S2 for now. Took about 4 min to swap in. No need for trigger set screws as it’s machined spot on for overtravel and sits less than half a millimeter of pre-travel take up in DA. As I suspected the flat face by its nature moves the contact point measurements forward appx 4.6mm so basically back to before the RRK kit. Going to dry fire tonight and run a few hundred rounds through it tomorrow first before considering doing P01. I do like that the trigger in SA is farther forward 4.9mm again like stock location as it’s better angle for my finger and the flat face feels good. Almost spot on measurements to my 1911s. 2-8-2020. After dry firing a lot last night I decided i like it. Dropped trigger in P01 and the measurements changed same amount as on S2. Couple differences in length of pulls by a couple mm and reset was 3.9mm and is now 3.2mm. Pretty sure its just due to less articulation in travel based off face of trigger.
  15. Demp223

    Production legal?

    Sorry. No milling allowed. Just because it is a legal part on one gun doesn’t mean it will be legal on another due to milling being required to fit the part. It is not an interchangeable part. Milling is Expressly prohibited.
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