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  1. Demp223

    Bluetooth hearing protection to make phone calls

    Another vote for Peltor tactical 500. Get the gel cups for them as well. AS much as i like getting to the range middle of the work day, as a self employed individual I still need to answer calls for work.
  2. Demp223

    X5 competition load

    -147 xtreme roundnose. 4.0 CFE, CCI small pistol primer. 1.140 OAL. 887 fps. 11.7 SD. -147 Blue Bullets round nose. 4.0 CFE, CCI small pistol. 1.110 OAL. 960 fps. 9.2 SD. 124 Xtreme round nose. 4.1 Titegroup. CCI small pistol. 1.145 OAL. 1103 fps. 9.2 SD 52* at 3100 feet. All very accurate. I like recoil pulse better with with 147 Xtreme load best. Double taps just stack up at 10 yds. 1911 SS Springer guide rod and 12 lb spring with 147 Xtremes and 13 lb with Blue bullets and 124 Xtremes.
  3. Demp223


    Recently got my Boombah Hellcat Mids. These fit like someone molded them to my entire foot front to back and top to bottom. Light but sturdy and supportive while turning and transitioning. Will be ordering another pair ASAP.
  4. Demp223

    Ear Protection Upgrade

    Peltor Tactical 500. Bluetooth and 26 dB rated. Gel cups made even quieter. Add in gel cups and rechargeable battery. My Howards didn’t fit my head to well as the head band was more U shaped, these are more rounded but extend out for a much taller head. Comfy all day even for my big ears. I got mine on sale from Midway for $98. Couldn’t pass up the deal
  5. If you don’t know wrap a cool wet towel below area you don’t want heated. A heat gun on hi works fastest to spot heat the area. A hair dryer will work but takes longer and will warm more of the.holster. Just be careful of the trigger area that it doesn’t heat and reshape or you’ll have to fix that too after.
  6. Just modify the area right around the release. Push away and down so the “ L” gives more clearance.
  7. Just heat it a bit and reshape it to clear by flaring the lip away and then back up. I also just did same release as you on XDm 5.25 9mm.
  8. New rules also say aftermarket mag releases allowed. So can I put a pddle style release like a CZ Shadow 2 has on my XDm now? Also the rule of adding metal weight of significant amount ie 1/2 oz or more to grip area refers to external plugs. I assume I can add some inside the void under the removeable backstrap (which doesn’t alter external part of grip and can only be seen and accessed by removing pin and backstrap) to bring weight up now to take advantage of 4oz over listed weight?
  9. Dawson .100 on all my XDm’s . Definitely a better sight picture. Just get correct height you need for POA you want.
  10. Demp223

    XDM slide failing to lock back

    Pull your mag springs out and give a them a little stretch for a temporary fix. You should have 3-4 coils easily exposed and 5 on longer capacity mags before trying to put baseplate back on. Also 4-6 feet ejection is pretty soft load. 8-10 closer to normal.
  11. Demp223

    Holster ? XDM 5.25 vs 4.25

    5.25 isn’t a dovetail rear sight like other XDm’s . You need a bolt in adapter plate for the optic needed. And are available from a couple places. Quick and easy swap
  12. Demp223

    Holster ? XDM 5.25 vs 4.25

    I run Comptac holster. I have 4.5” and 5.25” in 9 and 40 fit exactly same tension wise. 4.5” 45 also fits perfect you just loosen tension screws a little.
  13. Demp223

    XD Mod 2 carry/tactica trigger job

    I did the easy kit in mine. Polish trigger bar and inside of frame where it rubs and all moving part interaction points. Clean and smooth 3lb 13oz trigger with shorter take up and reset.