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  1. Sorry but that is a defective jig design and if there is no mention of this being a potential problem to watch for then they need to send you a new 80% lower.
  2. Demp223

    X5 competition load

    Update with new load. SNS 147 fp. 4.0 CFE. 1.135-1.140 mixed range brass. Cci small pistol 895fps with 8.8 SD. Most accurate load with the xtreme 147s a close second.
  3. I see things changed in last few months.
  4. http://www.graphitesupplies.com/Precision-Tungsten-Rod-300-0002-DIA-X-12-L_p_5127.html
  5. I’ve done over a dozen PRP kits in all my xd/XDm/xds as well as for a few friends. Polish and deburr all related parts. The drop in kits are great for carry or field guns and usually right in the low to mid 4 lb range. I compete with XDms, CC XDm,xds or mod2 depending on weather and carry XDm 5.25 10mm while hunting. Having basically same trigger across all guns The extreme and ultimate kits are for the games. When you have to hand fit the striker safety lever reset bar is when you get the shortest reset over a drop in ready lever. My XDms for the games , 5.25 9mm (production), 5.25 40 (limited) , 4.5 9mm OSP (carry optics) are all around 2.5lbs.
  6. In order of most accurate and nice recoil 1-SNS 147fp with 4.0 CFE 2-Xtreme 147rn with 4.0 CFE. 3-Blue Bayou 147fp 4.0 CFE. CCI 500 sp primer. 1.140 OAL.
  7. Oakley Alpha ballistic. Tr45,tr22, grey work fine so far with vortex viper.
  8. Inopted for springer precision with Grams follower and spring. 23 rounds and i can still push it down about 1/3 of a round more for easy slide closed loading.
  9. Blue 147 FP In my XDm 5.25” 9mm 16 lb Wolff spring. 3k elevation. 50*. Blue 147fp-1.140 OAL. 3.8CFE =921fps. Very accurate excellent recoil followup timing. 3.9CFE.=950. Accurate. 4.0CFE=972 too snappy
  10. I’ve got a couple from GoGun USA work very well on XDm platform. XDm 5.25” 40 and 5.25” 10mm. Small modification to Comp-Tac holster allows it to go in and out easy. However only legal in limited and open class for USPSA so may as well run open style holster https://gogunusa.com/products/copy-of-gas-pedal-cg-for-sig-p320
  11. I had a 460 Rowland conversion on my XDm 4.5” 45. Running a 22 lb Wolf spring. Worked up numerous loads for max power while still retaining 45 acp accuracy. Unfortunately after two barrels from them I abondened project. It kept destroying guide rod lips in a very short time and even after having them make a custom HD rod it’s was still an issue. Specs on barrel lug are considerably different than stock which is impacting guide rod lip at off angle and destroying it. With that said the best loads were with Starline 460r brass and Longshot. Tests at 3k elevation, 35* and 70% humidity average. Meant to be a back up gun for grizzly, cats and wolves when hunting in NW Montana. Since acquired a XDm 5.25” 10mm and working on loads for it. 460R loads we settled on while still giving excellent accuracy: 200 Lehigh Penetrators , longshot 13 grn, Fed 150, 1.252oal=1524fps. Primer sign at 1680range 230 Berry’s FMJ, Longshot 11grn,fed 150. 1.265oal=1350fps. Primer fail at 1550 range
  12. I purchased tungsten rod .300 diameter. 12” rod for $100. Able to make 4 inserts for several XDm’s. 2.7oz per insert slides right into stock guide rod. Had a bit left over to make additional weights for inside grip covers.
  13. Another vote for Peltor tactical 500. Get the gel cups for them as well. AS much as i like getting to the range middle of the work day, as a self employed individual I still need to answer calls for work.
  14. Demp223

    X5 competition load

    -147 xtreme roundnose. 4.0 CFE, CCI small pistol primer. 1.140 OAL. 887 fps. 11.7 SD. -147 Blue Bullets round nose. 4.0 CFE, CCI small pistol. 1.110 OAL. 960 fps. 9.2 SD. 124 Xtreme round nose. 4.1 Titegroup. CCI small pistol. 1.145 OAL. 1103 fps. 9.2 SD 52* at 3100 feet. All very accurate. I like recoil pulse better with with 147 Xtreme load best. Double taps just stack up at 10 yds. 1911 SS Springer guide rod and 12 lb spring with 147 Xtremes and 13 lb with Blue bullets and 124 Xtremes.
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