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How much gas out chamber


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I'm working on putting together my Glock 22 open gun in 40. I'm using mostly Carver components: Optic mount, 4 port comp, with Holosun 503c. I was out working on figuring out a load for it the other day with Autocomp and HS6. I shot 160 rounds total, and in the process of that, I had to wipe the rear of the optic glass a couple times just so I could see the dot and whatnot. I am using 165gr sns bullets, and average power factors ranged from 178 to 198 with my test loads


I fully figured on the front of the optic getting dirty - even with the bit of a blast shield on the mount, it would make sense that the comp would chuck some crud up there. So my question is how much gas usually exits out the chamber after ejection, and how often do folks have to wipe down their optic? At this rate I would pretty much have to wipe it off after every stage, which seems a bit absurd to me.

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There is no need to go as high as you are in PF.  I'm guessing you are trying for flat shooting.  I that case, ditch the horrible Carver comp and go with something like the 11-port SJC comp.  It will make a huge difference.    Also, you need a lighter bullet.  For 40 Open you should go no higher than 155gr.


Autocomp, CFE and Silhouette are a little fast for a Glock Open gun.  I'd use nothing faster than HS-6.  I'd recommend you go to something like Shooters World Major Pistol powder.  It makes lots of gas and shoots flat.  There will be enough gas to work all the ports of the SJC comp.


Each gun is different, but I'm using 10.1gr Major Pistol under a 155.  It shoots softer and much flatter than my 7.4gr Silhouette load.

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I used the Hodgdon site for suggested load data and tested 4 loads for each within the range provided. I have a mess of 165s I planned on using up, but I suppose I should probably pick up some lighter rounds sooner than later.


I've not heard of that powder, I may have to try and find some. I also have not heard that about the Carver comp. I guess this is all about experimentation.

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