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I pulled the pin out of all my lowers that use the SCS.  Makes no difference really if its in or out but it does make removal a bit easier.  I'd say if you are going to stick with that setup (the scs) and take it out regularly to inspect/clean I'd go ahead and remove the buffer retainer.

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just a follow up , I can't seem to find info regarding the main spring of the SCS,  are there any after market springs I can use, like the present set up of my SCS ( standard spring used). tried contacting JP, so far no response, my concern is where in the future to get replacement spring, Oring and bumper. I'm in Canada so Jp might not ship,

btw, how often do you replace the spring. thanks

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12 hours ago, Snausages32 said:

There's a spring kit you can buy.  The stock spring is the 85%, the kit comes with an 80, 90, 95, and 100 i believe.  I put the 80 on because I have an adjustable gas lock and light weight carrier.  You don't need it, the stock one is just fine.

My castle nut is badly staked so its hard to take it out, will Dremel do the trick? Grind the pin, lol


thanks, i just want to buy the stock( std) weight, no need for the kit, can’t buy direct from JP since they don’t ship to Canada, want to try the standard and the 80% too.

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You can leave the pin.  I did.  Also, if your castle nut is stuck, and you ever want to use a different system, you'll be screwed if you damage the pin.  Just leave it, it's fine.


It comes with the 85, and if you want any other springs you'll need to buy the kit, or possibly check ebay.

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