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  1. Are the firing pin and springs proprietary just for the GMR15?, how about the extractor,
  2. The firing pin and the extractor are issue, you can’t simply mail the part up here, will make more research on other companies that are legal to export, emailed Brownells if the start stocking these parts, btw are the firing pin and extractor proprietary, it looks like the extractor is the same as 1911, and the firing pin as standard AR 223, might be wrong though
  3. I want to keep in hand some spare parts, ( firing pin,,extractor snd oring) JP doesn’t ship to Canada, although Brownells carry JP parts snd ship, but they don’t have the parts mentioned above, any recommendation of other source, thanks
  4. lots of 10 rounders here, but remembered JP recommends the standard 17 rounds for reliability, more something like the different follower design of the 10 rounds. although the 17 rounds are prohibited here unless pinned to 10 which is legal. and find the 10 rounders is a pain to load on close bolt.
  5. i have a couple of glock mags, but they seems always out of stock here up north
  6. any feedback and experience with the Amend2 for use with GMR15. any reliability issues? thanks
  7. can I use any AR15 on AR9 like the GMR15? thanks
  8. Also shooting GMR15 with 510C, i find the factory height a little low , Was able to get a spacer (.200) to raise the 510C to 1.61”, which is an improvement . Always shoot with my Red Dot to 1.70”. . Holosun sells the spacer. But have to source mine here locally since Holosun doesnt ship up North.
  9. Oal 1.12 of Frontier 124gr Match
  10. Jp GMR 15 14.5”bbl 3.8grs is at 128pf 4.1 at 140pf 3.8 is soft Shooting but are getting some flyers at 25 yards, 4.1 is still soft/ flat and shoots great at 25.
  11. BiggMike do you mind sharing your N320 load for your GMR15, I did try 3.8 and it was a soft shooting load but the accuracy was not satisfactory, then bump my load to 4.1 gr and accuracy is now great. btw I'm using Frontier Match 124 gr. 1.125" OAL, thanks
  12. So i can use one of the springs thats comes with the (5pak) for my PCC? Say the 100or 95%, thinking of using the 90-85% for the 223, running adjustable GB on my 223.
  13. Thanks, somebody mentioned not on BE that the 9mm use their 308 spring?
  14. Hi I have both the Gen2 SCS for AR15 223 rifle and GMR15 9mm PCC , are both using the same spring , meaning can I purchase the 5 pak and use it either the 9mm and 223? I want to use at least 10-15% lighter to both my 223 and 9mm. Need some clarification and advise on this, btw can anybody point the spring weight from factory to both 223 and 9. Thanks did email JP but haven’t heard for a week now
  15. Instead of creating another thread might as well ask it here. I find the trigger not bad, but I prefer the Geissele SD-E of my 223. Wondering if it’s compatible with the GMR15. ( ask JP but haven’t got an answer, been a week already) Btw the 10 rounds and the 17 pinned to 10 is a challenge to load on close bolt, not sure if it will improve after some use.
  16. tthanks gents, just ordered the hi-cap pinned to 10 today, and the factory 10 rounders is a struggle to load on the gun when bolt closed, not sure if I can cut a coil or 2 of the spring.
  17. and by the way, did anyone break in the bbl? as per the manual? thanks
  18. Just received my GMR15 and while reading the manual it states that the 10rounder is not recommended because of the design of the follower, I didn’t realized that the high cap( prohibited here up north) doesn’t share the same follower? Thanks
  19. ffgats

    Bullet nose up- S2 OR

    Yeah, was about to edit my post, my load right now is 3.8gr of N320 and 124 Frontier RN, oal 1.140, at first I replaced the factory recoil spring15lbs to 10 lbs hoping to cure the problem. But this load work perfectly with my older Shadow2 non OR
  20. ffgats

    Bullet nose up- S2 OR

    Occasionally im getting this failure to feed, (nose up) ammo, a couple of questions, could it be the extractor - too loose or tight, feed ramp needs polishing or mags (lips and spring ) basically bnib gun less than 300 rnds, this happen 2-3 times per 100 rnds, haven’t mark which mag is doing it, give your thoughts , thanks
  21. I have the GLS and it wont fit the S2, Glock, Beretta 1911/2011 does fit, ssme with S1
  22. ffgats

    Jp SCS2

    My castle nut is badly staked so its hard to take it out, will Dremel do the trick? Grind the pin, lol thanks, i just want to buy the stock( std) weight, no need for the kit, can’t buy direct from JP since they don’t ship to Canada, want to try the standard and the 80% too.
  23. ffgats

    Jp SCS2

    just a follow up , I can't seem to find info regarding the main spring of the SCS, are there any after market springs I can use, like the present set up of my SCS ( standard spring used). tried contacting JP, so far no response, my concern is where in the future to get replacement spring, Oring and bumper. I'm in Canada so Jp might not ship, btw, how often do you replace the spring. thanks
  24. ffgats

    Jp SCS2

    My castle nut is badly staked so its hard to take it out, will Dremel do the trick? Grind the pin, lol
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