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Got a STI DVC Open and want a second barrel. How do I go about this?


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Just traded for this gun locally and want to source a barrel in a different caliber. Gun is currently in 38super. What would be required?


Barrel And then to smith for fitting?




Do I need another bushing which would need to be fit to the slide and subsequent new barrel?



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3 hours ago, Laxman2809 said:

So no  barrel bushings what you’re saying.

Being that it’s a bull barrel, it doesn’t have a bushing. But ya you’d need a new  barrel and have it fitted to the slide and frame. I’m about to do the same thing to a 38 trubor. Gonna have a 9mm trubor barrel fit. It currently has a aftec extractor, I’m assuming for 38. My smith said I won’t need to change it, and he can reliably tune it with the current extractor. 

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