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  1. I like this option the best, considering I don't see it as an advantage in anyway since you can just rack off the RDS. But who am I, but a peasant
  2. Was shooting a match tonight and it was brought up they I could be bumped to open for shooting Carry Optics with SP01 and the CZ Custom Slide Racker Plate that has a racker tab. https://czcustom.com/slide-racker-multi-75-st-blued-14099.html I can see how it can be an advantage, but also you do have the RDS to rack the slide off of so..... idk? What would your interpretation of the rule be??
  3. Let me know how you go about it. got one that is unfitted as well that needs to get used
  4. I mean the upside for me is knowing that that 1 out of 10k rds will pass the gauge.
  5. What is the negative about sizing down more than necessary, I understand brass life could be a concern, but 40 is plentiful.
  6. Like 5 minutes assuming that you have dedicated everything between the 2 calibers.
  7. I have been using the fw arms dies and really like them.
  8. even then my lee u dies doesn't get that hot. I did the same with their decapping die, though I have been interested to try the new design with a spring.
  9. they are the recommended dies for the M7 line of presses. I agree though the comment doesn't have any basis.
  10. about time they are shipping it. In the mean time a bought a RL1050 and an ammobot.
  11. I want to see what is different between the dies you mentioned as well as a Lee U die. the decapping spring design is a good one and really reduces primer pullback.
  12. thats a pretty good price, roughly the same $268 for 12k fiochi
  13. Yup should’ve bought them out of all they had
  14. I have also thought this too. I mention they have always had RL1050 parts on hand, it would make sense to reuse them.
  15. I have an old RL but I attached an ammobot to it. I would't dream of chopping my frame. Piece of history.
  16. i got in on that deal as well. .02 is great cant complain and no hazmat
  17. Idk if I I consider Gavins video a review. It’s more of an overview
  18. you are correct, i have a 1050 and run Decap then judge with ammobot extractor in station 2
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