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Sig's 2019 releases leaked


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Sig updated their website in prep for SHOT Show and accidentally included information on several of their new releases, including updates to the X-Series which includes a new X-Compact and updated X-Series optic plates (that will now allow you to keep your rear iron sight when you add an optic;



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50 minutes ago, OPENB said:

XCompact appears to be a shorter grip than the XCarry (15 vs. 17rd. mags).  Nice. 


Their specs would indicate a 15-round flush-fit magazine (Compact grip length) and a ~3.5" barrel (SubCompact length). So similar profile to the X-Carry, but in an overall downsized package

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Misleading headline.  SIG put the catalog up for download more than 18 hours ago.


 Not “leaked”.


also, there’s nothing about that pistol description that says anything about keeping the rear sight - that is the same plate as before.

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Spec sheet says the XCompact has a 3.6” barrel. That is the same (within .05” depending upon which spec sheet I found) of the P320 subcompact - which appears to be out of production.  So, let me be the first to coin the phrase ”Subcompact Carry P320” for the P320 XCompact, because that is what it is with a 15 round mag. 

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