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  1. As much asI want to say yes it would be priced out of my comfort zone...
  2. Bronk5150

    USP 45

    You think so?Probably just needs breaking in
  3. I’ve got a 550 but find myself looking for things Ivan sell off in order to get the 650 as well.....some day I tell ya.
  4. I just keep walking and doing my thing.Mist peoplesimply do not want to hear it
  5. Could this mean the beginning of glocks downfall?:) one can only hope
  6. Have you looked atComp Tac or reachedout to them?Cant say enoughgoodthings about that company.Outfittedmy ccwguns with them as well as my match guns.
  7. Sure gets to be a challenge past 50.... but agrre with all the others.Smart choices when eating food and portion sizes really come into play.
  8. Don’t they already have one I’ve seen them with compensators on the end match states the competition triggersDon’t they already have one I’ve seen them with compensators on the end match sights and the competition triggers... ive used a USP for years and Never had a malfunction of any kind with them.Ever..
  9. Got a new holsters and make carriers going to give the girl a run In our club matches this summer.Still a very relevant gun
  10. Agreed 100%....focus on fundamentals and being smooth first...
  11. And posting to welcome page is all drydire....not for score.Lol
  12. Keeps them from rolling off the bench and on to the floor too
  13. These little guys have been a lifesaver....no more lost puns.
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