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  1. Well, here we are two years later, and they have finally arrived.
  2. H&K USA has just introduced a VP9-L Optics ready as a limited production piece.
  3. FWIW, I just installed the H&K Comp Tracker (a PMM made part) on one of my RMR equipped VP9 optic ready’s. For those who don’t want a comp, but want a longer iron radius, they do a sight tracker version with no comp port which extends the sight radius to about the same level as the long slides. Mounts like a muzzle device on an HK threaded VP9 barrel. Even with the price of the barrel factored in, you’re still ahead (In terms of cost difference, about $150) with this device, compared to the cost of the long slide, for what that’s worth.
  4. Right? Who reads those? (Well, i did...)
  5. If you read the “disclaimer” fine print on GG’s website, the last line mentions the deletion of the spring. It certainly was there when I got mine, more than a year and a half ago. If not for that, I too would have made a 10 minute job into an hour...
  6. I was able to get rid of that part on my X-fives when I did the GG trigger kits. Unnecessary part.
  7. Archer

    P320 X5 Thread

    I'm mind boggled that SIG would actually limit this pistol to baby poop brown...er, "coyote". Truly the avocado appliance color of our era.
  8. Archer

    320 X5 Questions

    I've run thousands of rounds of Win NATO ball through both my X-5's with zero problems. Keep your striker channel clean, grease what slides and oil what turns, and carry on.
  9. If it's Optics Planet, that could be six months, based on previous experience with similar items from SIG. I have had certain items on order 13 months, finally cancelled.
  10. Archer

    P320 X5 Thread

    I haven't shot the Venom extensively, but I have installed, sighted and fire-tested one for a friend on his Glock 20 using the Glock MOS kit. Brightness and dot acquisition were fine, lifespan on the 10MM remains to be seen. Fortunately for him, he is sponsored by Vortex and would get instant service if needed.
  11. I used a 9mm laser chamber boresighter, noted relative position at 10M, changed it out, clicked it to the same relative zero. I didn't need to make any adjustment on two of the 4 pistols I performed this on.
  12. Archer

    X5 Rumor?

    Yes, there are references to a Romeo1PRO on the SIG website. There are also older references to a Romeo1T. More recently there have been references to the 1T side by side with references to a Romeo2. I suppose we will get a clearer picture in a few days.
  13. Romeo1T has been known for over a year now, but I’ve never seen one in person. Photos indicate an aluminum build, steel shroud with rear sight, and supposedly much more rugged. It might also be the Romeo1PRO being referenced on the SIG website in a few places. Presumably the Romeo2 being referenced is sized to fit the optic cutout flush on the muzzle end of the cutout, as the current Romeo1 does in the current cutouts, because without the lugs found on other designs you would be relying on the screws alone to handle recoil loads. The cutout would have to be about 2 mm longer to handle the
  14. Definitely do the trigger upgrade. I’ve been working pretty hard with my X5’s for 18 months, never quite getting the performance in terms of speed and accuracy I have been getting with my custom .45 ACP 1911’s even though it’s minor caliber, and my 1911’s are always run well over 165 PF. I figured that 30 years of carrying really good single actions needed retraining for the relatively crappy trigger on the X5, but I never quite got to where I wanted to be. Dropped in the Grayguns competition kits this week, and boom. Unbelievable difference. For the first time I’m much faster
  15. Archer

    P320 X5 Thread

    One can find X-Carries for more than a hundred less than that, so one might argue for having the flexibility of a more concealable pistol with similar feel and ergonomics. I suppose it depends on what you’re doing with it. I have two each Xcarries for defense and Xfives for gaming, and honestly, before I upgraded the Xfive triggers, I was outshooting them with the Xcarries. No contest now with the full Grayguns competition trigger setups in the Xfives, but the Xcarry is an excellent carry piece.
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